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You may have recently heard about KeyMark building three RPA tools to help OnBase users work more efficiently. Indeed, KeyMark was the first company to build something that automates tasks within OnBase using Blue Prism. What you may not know, however, is the origin of why KeyMark pushed so hard to do this.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

The year is 1996. KeyMark CEO Jim Wanner and some of the original KeyMark employees (like Brian Becker, Ken Busby, Britt Burnett, Cameron Boland, Rick Stuckey and Mark Enfinger) are working out of an office in Greenville, SC with a desire to make a deep and lasting impact in a niche space, helping businesses to automate manual, paper-based processes.

In an effort to differentiate themselves, the original team sought out ways they could innovate. But moreover, they wanted to find ways to help customers as an invaluable resource. “Jim’s 5-Minute Rule” was born during this time period. That rule, created by Jim Wanner himself, states… in his words:

“If a customer is upset for more than 5 minutes, please reach out to us immediately. We can only help people who let us know there is an issue.”

This promise is a further indication of how that deep, relational connection to our customers is still alive today. 

“We want to be here to solve our customers’ problems and to help them thrive,” said Jim, emphatically. “That is the core of KeyMark’s business.”

In following Jim’s lead on making the lives our customers a little easier, KeyMark identified a way to create some efficiencies, using Blue Prism’s robotic process automation (RPA) technology.

As for the race to create the Blue Prism bot for OnBase?

“It’s just flat out fun to be first,” said Jim Wanner with a big, bold laugh. “We’re always competing, not just with our competitors but also with ourselves. We think, how can we innovate on what we’re already doing? This drives some of the partnerships and technology we support today. We truly want to be the company who can come alongside any business and help them to be the most efficient they can possibly be.”

This competitive attitude can be found across the organization in every department, wherever you look.

While KeyMark was the first to have this connector on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange, this isn’t the first time they were first out of the gate.

Other Firsts:

First automated data entry Invoice Processing System in the US – One business worked with KeyMark to find a way to reduce manual data entry for invoices. In this case, the customer, with about 50 people in their accounts payable department, leveraged AnyDoc to process unstructured header and footer data on invoices.  The result was the countries 1st live unstructured forms processing solution. 

First Web Workflow – One customer’s treasury department needed a way to automatically process payments and make sure they were posted to their accounting system correctly. Excited to do this quickly, KeyMark worked directly with Hyland, who was cranking out “hot code” in the middle of the night, while KeyMark worked through early mornings to adjust it to suit the customer’s unique system needs.

First Automated Mailroom – One customer had a unique idea: as their company’s growth started to rapidly accelerate, they had an increased need for adding more people to their mailroom. Fourteen to be exact. Rather than adding the additional headcount, they wanted to find a way to automate some of the more tedious mailroom tasks. The result was the worlds initial automated mail opening system linked to a document classification software.  

After Jim Wanner sketched the solution on a cocktail napkin while at a conference in Atlanta, GA. The solution included an OPEX mail opener, Kofax capture technology and OnBase workflow. The hardware would open the mail and the software would identify its contents. After the solution was in place, people came from all over the world to look at the mailroom as a case study. “It was a world class system installed at an insurance company in the middle of our country.  It was a truly remarkable team effort that solved a problem a problem that had never been solved prior to this system going live. 

For more information about Blue Prism, OnBase, or the OnBase assets on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange referenced above, visit our Blue Prism Digital Assets page.

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