AP Automation

KeyMark powers your productivity with automated accounts payable.

AP Automation Minimizes Manual Workflow and Maximizes Productivity

Automating your Accounts Payable (AP) department is about more than processing invoices. It minimizes manual data entry errors, maximizes the productivity of your people and leverages early payment discounts whenever possible. With a modern AP automation solution like OnBase, you’ll process invoices faster and more accurately, whether you receive them by mail, email, fax or EDI—all while increasing transparency and reducing costs.

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Why Automate Accounts Payable?

By automating your AP processes, you enable your team to access invoices quickly, along with any supporting documentation, and empower decision-makers to grant key approvals in a timely fashion. For example:

  • Automate workflow and expedite decision-making
  • Improve response time through automated reminders and escalations
  • Turn late payments into early payments if you choose
  • Direct integration with your accounting system to reduce manual data entry
  • Allow vendors to check status via self-service inquiries

OnBase AP technology requires little coding, providing quick integration with your ERP and ECM and gives you complete control over your accounts payable processes. You can increase your team’s productivity while decreasing invoice processing time, and quickly maximize your ROI without burdening your IT department.

AP Automation In Action

Accounts Payable Automation Workflow

Capture Invoices

Accelerate invoice processing with AI-enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology — capturing invoice data in any format and feeding it directly into your ERP, content services (ECM), or the hands of your talented team.

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