Hyland Cloud Services & Support

Hyland didn’t invent the cloud. They just mastered it long before anyone else.

Reliable. Privately-Managed. Secure.​

If you want to truly leverage OnBase’s powerful capabilities in a cloud environment, there’s no better architecture than Hyland Cloud. Since launching in 2003, nearly 1,200 customers across 42 countries have stored and managed billions of documents, representing petabytes worth of data, on Hyland’s powerful and secure cloud platform. All while enjoying 99.99% uptime – proof that this platform delivers on its promises.

At KeyMark, we believe that whether you use OnBase, ShareBase, or any of Hyland’s other content services, Hyland Cloud offers you a world-class hosting platform, purpose-built for your information management needs. Their regularly audited and certified data centers across the globe provide in-country, private cloud space with comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols. As the epicenter of your information management infrastructure, this means you’re connected to your data seamlessly across a rock-solid platform that scales for limitless growth.

Why choose Hyland Cloud for your business?

  • Privately managed servers allow Hyland’s Global Cloud Services (GCS) professionals to ensure your data is never comingled or compromised
  • Transparent hosting means you’ll always know exactly which data centers hold your data
  • Compliance with numerous industry-specific and location-based initiatives meets even the most demanding SLAs with confidence

What does Hyland’s powerful cloud solution do for your business?

  • Protects your data with the highest security standards, including individual 256-AES or 128-AES encryption keys
  • Scales seamlessly with your evolving business needs to accommodate infrastructure and storage growth, all via SOC audited, ISO 27001:2013 certified, private servers that meet TIA3/4 standards
  • Equips you with 24/7/365 support through dedicated, credentialed GCS team members who not only know the cloud, but live and breathe Hyland’s entire portfolio of services

The Future of Your Business is in the Cloud.

Trust the only safe, dependable hosting option designed specifically to support OnBase, ShareBase and other Hyland services. It will save you money, free up time for your talented staff to focus on other initiatives, and remove the burden of storing data on-site securely.