Cargo Movers, Owners, and Regulators all have one thing in common — people-driven processes.

Whether you’re auditing freight invoices, managing driver records, or improving warehouse incident reporting, you’ll interact with processes with many touch-points and people with a lot on their plate.

Do you recognize these common pain points of transportation, logistics, and supply chain?

Automated solutions that drive business forward

Artificial intelligence in supply chain doesn’t only have to mean self-driving trucks. Automation benefits Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain in many other ways.

Data Capture

Capture and index structured and unstructured data, whether emailed, scanned, faxed, or scrubbed from supplier sites.

Forms and Document Automation

Fully customize PDF and HTML documents and forms to simplify service requests.

Automated Workflow

Quickly route information through the touchpoints of a process. Auto-send reminders to ensure tasks are approved, signed, or completed on time.

Document Management

Store all your content securely in the cloud for 360-degree fast access. Satisfy retention policies and eliminate the costs of paper.

Case/Contract Management

Take on complex, multi-threaded cases with advanced customization of workflow capabilities.

RPA in Supply Chain

Automate manual and highly repeatable tasks, liberating your knowledge-based employees for work that matters.

The Hyperautomation solution is a holistic approach to complete supply chain digital transformation.

See specific solutions for Supply Chain close-up, or learn more about Hyperautomation.

Supply Chain Automation Use Cases

Every vertical benefits from supply chain automation in different ways. Select your vertical to see specific use cases.

Automation processes for Cargo Movers
Cargo Owners
Automation for supply chain, port authority

Supply Chain Digital Transformation isn’t the only way to reduce costs and enhance enterprise efficiency.

Identifying and eradicating hidden expenses is an effective strategy to bolden the bottom line.

Discover more in our blog, Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction Strategies.

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KeyMark Achieves its Highest NPS Score to Date (84), Marking Customer Loyalty and Growth KeyMark, a leading intelligent automation provider and value-added reseller, received a net promoter score of 84, marking the company’s highest score to date.

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