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Intelligent automation just got a lot more intelligent.

Applications of AI in Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been the backbone of process automation. Recent and rapid improvements in AI-supported technologies continue to change the face of automation and the ways it improves enterprise efficiency. What are these supporting technologies and how do they work? Let us introduce you.

OCR — Optical Character Recognition

Scans, identifies, and extracts data from key sources. OCR is the backbone of data capture automation — improving abilities to make actionable data of structured and unstructured content (i.e. images, audio, spatial, synthetic data, and more.)

ML — Machine Learning

Makes insights/decisions, and labels unlabeled data without human intervention. AI Machine Learning adds learned data to a growing foundation of knowledge and training processes shared across intelligent automation systems like RPA and Workflow programs.

NLP — Natural Language Processing

An AI’s ability to discern and utilize human language vs. rigorously structured code. NLP improvements introduce true no-code capabilities, allowing non-developers to program increasingly complex automations with common speech.

Benefits of AI in Automation

Data variety and usability

Take action on all your data, not just the stuff living in a text box.

Greater human decision-making

Free your team from decisions that don’t matter, for decisions that do.

Improved innovation

Make great ideas into realities with code that everyone can understand.

Faster speed. Better accuracy

Find your balance of speed and accuracy with automation that learns and remembers past corrections.

most sought-after use of AI is quite simply using AI to enhance business operations.
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AI for Business

Artificial Intelligence Positive Effects

AI Case Study

KeyMark’s CloudCapture services utilize proprietary AI-OCR algorithms to speed the digitization and classification of documents. See how it works.

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