Kodak Alaris Scanners

Unlock the power of process automation with Kodak Alaris

Best In Class Kodak Scanners for the Best Workflow Solutions

Kodak Alaris scanners bring best in class scanning and imaging solutions to your organization.Businesses of all kinds want to make their processes more efficient, and Kodak scanners offer the right technology to optimize any kind of workflow that involves paper. From single-department desktop scanners to high-volume production machines, Kodak technology paired with KeyMark’s document management and workflow solutions means time and money saved for your organization. 

Important information captured and extracted from paper is easier to archive, share and use, helping your employees to make faster and more intelligent business decisions. Whether scanning to file or directly to a business process, capture solutions are easy to integrate, equipped with top-level security, and are scalable to meet your business requirements.

Whether you’re operating a small office or a global enterprise, we have the imaging and scanning solutions you need to automate your business processes and intelligently deliver data through your organization. With years of experience working with Kodak Alaris, we’re pleased to carry every model of scanner in their network scanners, workgroup scanners, departmental scanners and productions scanner lines, and we’re fully capable of integrating them with your systems rapidly and effectively.

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