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Business Process Automation Provider Experience

KeyMark Experience: The Proof is in the Numbers

At KeyMark, we aim to aid you in ways that no other partner or reseller can,…
KeyMark Christmas Video

T’was the Night of Automation: A KeyMark Christmas Story

T’was the Night Before Christmas… When through the North Pole, Was the buzzing of elves, And…
RPA Overview Brochure

The Power in an RPA Partnership with KeyMark

There’s Power in Partnership!​ Simple, repetitive, and mundane tasks are prone to errors and sap your…
Business Process Automation eBook

Three Reasons Your Automations Could be Failing

Three Reasons Your Automations Could be Failing And What to Do About It You did your…
Intelligent Automation Case Study

South Carolina Department of Administration Case Study

OnBase saved us up to four weeks on processing, reviewing, and reformatting….
Automate Accounts Payable with Document Management

How to Avoid a Chaotic Close

How to Avoid a Chaotic Close Augmenting the accounts payable process with automated document management can…
Realize a Speedy ROI with Virtual Collaboration Software from Livegenic

Livegenic Infographic

Get real results with Livegenic. Livegenic is a virtual collaboration platform best for claims, cases, customer…
Manage Vendor Relationships with OnBase

OnBase Solution Summary: Vendor Management

Tracking hundreds or even thousands of vendor relationships is critical to business operations – but it…

Falcon Transportable Workstation Spec Sheet

The Falcon Transportable is a document scanning workstation designed for mobile scanning operation. It combines OPEX’s…

OnBase Lawson Overview

Lawson S3 is an ERP product that particularly focuses on key areas such as healthcare, finance,…
Intelligent Automation (AI) eBook

Your Guide to a Total Solution

Intelligent Automation: Your Guide to a Total Solution Intelligent automation solutions reform your business processes and…

5 Reasons to Automate Now

Digital transformation is simple to implement and can greatly improve productivity, efficiency and improve your bottom…

Charting ECM’s Course from Document Management to Enterprise Information Hub

Having a quality document repository system is a baseline need for every business. But by leveraging…
Grabber Construction Products Improves AP Processes with CloudCapture BPO

Grabber Case Study

“The combination of CloudCapture and OnBase has been a BIG time saver.”…
KeyMark CloudCapture Business Process Outsourcing Overview

CloudCapture Integration and Security Brochure

As keepers of data, KeyMark understands the extreme importance of data security. Which is why KeyMark’s…

Empowering AP Through Automation

A common feeling associated with change is fear. And as new technologies like document imaging or…

Understanding RPA Scalability

There is no doubt that RPA can synthesize workloads and improve efficiency. But when RPA systems…
Enterprise Content Management for Local Governments

Paperless Plan Review to Reality

Creating a method for developers, builders, and local governments to have easy access and visibility to…
Transform Business with Robotic Process Automation from KeyMark

The Rise of Automation

The Rise of Automation The hum of machines as they descend on a dystopian landscape. The…
Become a Fully Automated Enterprise with UiPath

UiPath Automation Platform Overview

As the way we do business becomes increasingly complex, the need is great to simplify wherever…
Hyperautomation eBook

Hyperautomation eBook

Transform Your Business With Hyperautomation While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enhanced efficiencies by lifting mundane…
OPEX Infographic

OPEX Falcon Transportable Document Scanning Workstation

Product Spotlight The OPEX Falcon™ Transportable Document Scanning Workstation can attack the most daunting workflow challenges…
OnBase Overview

Simplify your Enterprise Information Management with OnBase

eBook: Simplify your Enterprise Information Management with OnBase. Enterprise information management solutions shouldn’t be one-size fits…
OnBase Webinar

From the Vault: High Availability and Disaster Recovery with OnBase The following is a text transcription of the above webinar. Use it to follow along…
Intelligent Automation Case Study

West Star Aviation Enhances Accuracy with Intelligent Automation

“Moving to CloudCapture BPO processing greatly improved the accuracy of document keywords being scanned.”…
Options for Support and Maintenance

Support Overview Brochure 2021

Support Options for 2021! Our Support Philosophy is built on ensuring your organization has the tools…
Ebook Resource

Automation Buzzwords Demystified

The year is 1967. Film makers Patterson-Gimlin are shooting a film alongside Bluff Creek in Northern…
Intelligent Automation Case Study

US Gypsum Improves Data Capture with Intelligent Automation

Now we can enter feedback for hundreds of records in about 15-20 minutes….
Case Study

Campbell’s Express Intelligent Automation Case Study

“The one resource we cannot regain is time, and KeyMark helps us spend less.”…
RPA Case Study

Eversource Boosts Customer and Employee Engagement Using Intelligent Automation

“Intelligent automation is becoming increasingly embedded within our core operations .”…
RPA Case Study

SKDC Processes Critical Housing Applications Quickly with Intelligent Automation

SKDC Automates Using Blue Prism RPA South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) provides key services like public…

First2Protect Delivers Exceptional Service Through Intelligent Automation

“In many cases, our internal users won’t even be aware that digital workers are helping them…
UI Path vs Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere vs Power Automate vs NICE

RPA Tools Comparison Report

RPA Tools Aren’t All Created Equally. To help you understand the most popular and commonly deployed…
RPA for Patient Elligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification Demo Video

In this video, you’ll watch as Robotic Process Automation works to verify patient eligibility in a…
RPA for Retro Denials Claims Processing

Retro Denials – Claims Process Demo Video

Robotic Process Automation is an effective tool for healthcare organizations to process high volumes of claims…
The Total Automation Solution

KeyMark’s Total Automation Solution Session at Insights 2021

Presentation: Insights 2021 – Leveraging a Total Automation Solution This presentation from our 2021 Insights conference…
Cloud Capture Case Study Video

Community Bank Cloud Capture Case Study

Without our KeyMark partnership, we estimated thousands in ongoing costs….

Infographic: Patient Journey Mapping

Healthcare Automation Infographic KeyMark can enable healthcare organizations to create a faster-paced, error-free patient experience through…
Revenue Cycle Management Automation Software

Revenue Cycle Management Automation Software [Infographic]

Revenue Cycle Management Infographic KeyMark has teamed with its partner, Blue Prism, to create a chart…
Blue Prism and Forrester eBook

eBook: Getting Intelligent Automation Right in 2021

eBook: Getting Intelligent Automation Right in 2021 Inspired by trends they saw during 2020’s global COVID-19…
Video: Human Resource Automation in Grocery Stores

Video: Human Resource Automation in Grocery Stores

“Our hiring process is now the most efficient it has been in 10 years!” …
RPA Automation in Insurance Industry

RPA Automation in Insurance Industry Video

VIDEO: RPA Automation in the Insurance Industry KeyMark can help those in the insurance industry to…
Healthcare Process Automation Case Study Video

Healthcare Automation Case Study Video

Healthcare Process Automation Case Study Video Learn how KeyMark helped a leading cancer research hospital implement…
Automation Explainer Video

Automation Explainer Video

Automation Explainer Video [Video]: What Automation Can Do For Your Organization KeyMark is a systems integrator…
BPO Outsourced Document Processing Example Video

BPO Outsourced Document Processing Example Video

CloudCapture BPO Video Outsourced Document Processing Example Video This video details an outsourced document processing example….
BI-LO Automation Case Study

BI-LO Grocery Store Automation Case Study

How a Southeastern Grocery Store Chain Used Automation to Become More Efficient The Company Originally founded…
Dot Foods RPA Case Study

Dot Foods RPA Case Study

Dot Foods Automates Using Blue Prism RPA Based in Mt Sterling, IL, Dot Foods is the…
RPA Case Study

Global Dairy Company Keeps Customers Happy with Intelligent Automation

Bringing a fresh pitcher of milk to your family’s breakfast table may seem simple, but for…
RPA Case Study

Arla Foods Delivers New Value with Problem-Solving Approach to Process Automation

Arla Foods is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia. After three years of using…
Blue Prism Outpatient Service Delivery eBook

Blue Prism Healthcare eBook: A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery

A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery with Intelligent Automation Blue Prism Healthcare: Outpatient Service Delivery…
Blue Prism Integrated Care eBook

Blue Prism Healthcare eBook: A New Era of Patient Experience

A New Era of Integrated Care with Intelligent Automation Blue Prism Healthcare: Integrated Care RPA eBook…
RPA Success Story

KeyMark Accounting Department Case Study

KeyMark Automates its Own Accounting Department Blue Prism Selected as RPA Vendor of Choice As robotic…
Video Example: An Automated Christmas

Santa’s Automation Video

Santa’s Secret to Christmas Magic Ever wonder how Santa keeps up with all the requests; the…
OnBase Workview Demo

Workview On Demand Demo

In this On Demand WorkView Demo, Software Solutions Manager at UFP Industries, Evan Fidler will show…
What is OnBase?

The OnBase eBook and OnBase Definition

OnBase Definition and eBook Modular by design, OnBase is an enterprise content management software with customizable…
A Guide to Increased Productivity

ebook RPA in Financial Services

Speed, Accuracy, and Security for Your Organization Robotic Process Automation is gaining ground in industries across…
Livegenic Overview

Livegenic Overview Webinar

Webinar: Livegenic Overview Livegenic is a real-time video platform designed to help insurance organizations enhance the…
Blue Prism RPA solutions

RPA Overview Webinar

In this Robotic Process Automation webinar, Director of RPA Sales Sam Whitten and RPA Services Manager…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

How United Utilities achieves industry-leading customer service with smart automation

Introduction United Utilities is Northwest England’s water company that keeps the taps flowing for three million…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Inside John Lewis – How RPA is transforming retail

As a leading UK retailer, John Lewis stays ahead by delivering a company-wide, vision for Blue…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce enables an enhanced hospital patient-flow and self-service kiosk solution

Blue Prism gave us 100% integration capability….
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Co-operative Bank RPA Case Study

The Challenge The excess queue procedure at The Co-operative Bank is carried out daily to accept,…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

UHB NHS Foundation Trust RPA Case Study

Implementation time took three days. Now we can complete data in minutes….
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Blue Prism delivers seamless integration with NPfIT PAS for UHB’s Self-Service Kiosks project

Introduction University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is the leading university teaching hospital in the West…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Walgreens RPA Case Study

Tasks are done within a fraction of the time that a human might require….
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Invesco Invests in RPA Innovation and Saves $1.44 million

Invesco is a US-based independent investment management company that manages more than $1 trillion in assets…
Livegenic Case Study

Livegenic Helps MADSKY With Seamless Communication

Growing With Confidence A growing book of business comes with greater responsibility, particularly when CAT losses…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

RPA Advances Cyber Threat Prevention Initiative at Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) processes 90 million financial transactions each day and serves…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

National Grid RPA Case Study

National Grid, an energy company in the United States, has delivered cost savings and a high…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Raytheon Rapidly Delivers Value at Scale with Intelligent Automation

Raytheon, a technology hardware and equipment company based in the US, aimed to deliver transformational business…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Blue Prism Digital Workers are Team Players at Carrier

Carrier Corporation, a market leader in HVAC products, spun off from its parent company it took…
Blue Prism RPA Case Study

Coca-Cola Extends Capacity and Improves Performance with RPA

Coca-Cola’s HR and Finance shared services are using Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce to optimize operational performance…
Medicaid Automation

Nash County Automates Medicaid Records

Medicaid Record Automation in Nash County, NC Nash County, North Carolina is implementing a new electronic…
CloudCapture BPO Overview

BPO and Document Processing Overview

When Every Dollar Counts, Every Decision Matters! Learn how to achieve real cost savings with outsourced…
Healthcare ECM Automation

Hidden Costs of Paper in Healthcare

What is Using Paper Really Costing you? This infographic shows the true cost of relying on…
Hyland Case Study

Kwik Trip Case Study

The Challenge Kwik Trip is a family-owned business with 640 retail locations in Minnesota, Iowa and…
The Benefits of Modernizing Your Agency with OnBase

eBook – Automating State Government

Experience the benefits of automation in your state agency with OnBase Content Services platform….
Free RPA eBook Resource

Implementing RPA in Accounts Payable eBook

Implementing Robotic Process Automation in accounts payable…
Hyland Case Study

Alliant Credit Union Case Study

The Challenge Even though Alliant had an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, the credit union was…
Hyland Case Study

University of Notre Dame Case Study

We finished processing data three days earlier than we have in the past,…
AP Automation Infographic

Infographic: AP Automation Maximizes ERP Value

AP Automation Infographic An ERP system is too expensive not to get the most bang for…
Automation and File Sharing for Finance

Back Office Financial Visibility Infographic

Get Better Visibility Into Invoices and Payables Poor visibility into financial shared services operations isn’t only…
Free RPA eBook Resource

Why RPA Makes Sense For Your Healthcare Business

Robotic Process Automation for Healthcare….
Free RPA eBook Resource

The RPA Cheatsheet

Download KeyMarks eBook, “The RPA Cheatsheet”….
Choosing an Automation Reseller

How to Choose an Intelligent Automation Reseller

Download Keymark’s eBook, “How to Choose an Intelligent Automation Reseller”….
Free RPA eBook Resource

Automating Insurance with RPA

Download Keymark’s eBook, “Automating Insurance with RPA”….
Free RPA eBook Resource

The CIO’s Guide to RPA

Download Keymark’s eBook, “The CIO’s Guide to RPA”….
Hyland Case Study

Bremerton Housing Authority Case Study

Now, we need 2.5 fewer FTEs focused on capturing documents….
Hyland Case Study

Alameda City Housing Overcomes Challenges With OnBase

The Challenge Housing authorities are accustomed to balancing the needs of two very different groups. First,…
Hyland Case Study

Colorado Housing/Finance Authority Inbox

We save $1 million every year on retrieval and office space with OnBase….
Hyland Case Study

MassHousing Case Study

OnBase ECM has reduced our review period from weeks to days….
Automate AP Processes

10 Trending Reasons For AP Automation

Powering Your Productivity With Automated Accounts Payable There’s a reason more and more organizations today are…
OnBase Insurance Case Study

AmWINS Case Study

The Challenge One of AmWINS Group, Inc’s greatest differentiators is AmLINK, their proprietary policy and billing…
Automate Manual Processes with Bots, Timers and Triggers

RPA Overview

  Automate Manual Processes with Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is more than a…
Kofax Case Study

Global Research and Consultancy Company Frees Analysts from Time-Consuming Manual Data Collection Tasks

We’ve reduced the number of hours required for data collection by 95%….
Kofax Case Study

Indonesian Central Bureau Of Statistics (BPS) Cuts Processing Times by 90%

Gathering and analyzing census data in a nation of thousands of islands is a task that…
Kofax Case Study

Delta Dental of Colorado Lifts Customer Service to New Heights

WIth RPA, we can get back to customers and providers in days vs. weeks….
Kofax Case Study

Union Bank RPA Case Study

We were able to move 800,000 documents to our main ECM system in days….
Kofax Case Study

Global Financial Services Company Delivers Faster, Sharper Investment Insights to Clients

Today, teams can turn reports around in a single week….
Kofax Case Study

Davies Turner Transforms Customer Service with Real-Time Insight Into Shipments and Inventory

Freight forwarding and logistics specialist Davies Turner transforms customer service with Kofax Kapow™. Automated inventory and…
Kofax Case Study

Arrow Kofax Kapow Case Study

Recognizing that Arrow Electronics’ ability to help customers create innovative new products was being limited by…
Kofax Case Study

European Bank Kofax Kapow Case Study

This bank used Kofax Kapow RPA to automate data gathering processes linked to Customer Due Diligence…
Kofax Case Study

Farner Consulting AG Uses Kofax Kapow RPA

Farner is taking its political consultancy business in a whole new direction, and it’s all thanks…
Kofax Case Study

Safe-Guard – Kofax TotalAgility Case Study

Document capture now takes one person 10-15 minutes, a reduction of 80%….
Kofax Case Study

Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes Logistics Operations with Robotic Process Automation

Crete Carrier revolutionizes its logistics operations with robotic process automation, powered by Kofax Kapow. Streamlined scheduling…
Kofax Case Study

Faster Transportation

The Challenge When your customers expect deliveries to arrive on time, every time, the margin for…
Kofax Case Study

Faster Invoicing Kofax Case Study

The Challenge Paying bills is hardly the most enjoyable task, but it’s one that just has…
Kofax Case Study

Spotcap Revolutionizes Lending

Spotcap is shaking up the banking landscape with its proprietary credit platform, which provides short-term loans…
IOFM Whitepaper

IOFM Whitepaper, sponsored by Hyland

What are three ways automation improves financial operations visibility and reporting?…
AIIM Report

AIIM Whitepaper

Case management applications can range from payment management, through contract bids, claims handling and loan origination,…
Hyland Case Study

ECM Helps Manage Caseloads

Fiscal challenges continue to impact public housing authorities (PHA) and health and human services (HHS) agencies….
KM World Case Management Article

Case Management: A New Mindset for Solving Business Problems

The entire OnBase product can be easily understood in six simple categories: Capture Capture your documents…
Hyland Case Study: Law Enforcement- Broward

Lock Down Human Resources, Jail and Other Records

Broward Sheriff’s Office Finding the right employees is important in any operation, but for public safety…
Hyland Case Study: Wood County DJFS

Wood County, OH, Department of Job and Family Services

For the approximately 125,000 people who live in Wood County, OH, the Department of Job and…
Hyland Case Study: Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services Solution Sheet

The Basics These are critical times for health and human service agencies. Slashes in staff and…
Hyland Case Study: Real Solutions - Stockton

Records Dept. Remains Paperless

We trained staff in 30 minutes to process over 1,000 documents in one hour….
Hyland Case Study: Rhode Island OCSS

Rhode Island Dept of Human Services

It might take 15 minutes to retrieve a file. With OnBase, it only takes seconds….
OnBase Healthcare Case Study

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Accounts Payable Automation Enables Real-Time Status Along Every Step of Procure-to-Pay Process The Challenge Fred Hutchinson…
Hyland Case Study: Law Enforcement

Find Law Enforcement Records Fast

Industry Solution The Basics To keep the public safe, law enforcement professionals have to act and…
Hyland Case Study: ECM For Health & Human Services

Improve client services with OnBase for HHS

The Basics Health and human services agencies fight to improve our communities and respond even in…
Hyland Case Study: Detroit Police Department

Detroit Police Department

Most organizations are continually looking for faster and more efficient ways to meet the needs of…
University Hospital Automation Case Study

University Hospital Automation Case Study

Approximately 21,000 patients are admitted to University Hospital in Augusta, GA each year, and another 10,000…
SCP Health Case Study

SCP Health Automation Case Study

Paper charts, express shipping, and manual data entry were once common practices for Schumacher Group (SCP…
Kofax Software Platinum Reseller

Kofax Brand Page

Kofax Software Resellers Kofax Software™ imprints all types of documents and forms, transforming “miles of paper”…

Whitepaper Paperless Plan Review with OnBase

ePlan Whitepaper Download Bringing Paperless Plan Review to Reality A technology and process checklist for local…
Kofax Case Study

Global Financial Institution Uses RPA

The Financial Services Company uses Kofax Kapow™ to provide research analysts with quick and easy access…
Government Document Management Case Study

Delaware Office of Pensions

The Challenge The Office of Pensions was using a six-year-old document imaging and management system and…

Pfizer – Imaging Case Study

The Challenge Pfizer had just acquired Wyeth Corporation and was seeking a rapid transition of that…
Prothonotary Document Management Case Study

Dauphin County Prothonotary Automation Case Study

The Challenge Like many counties, much of the constituent paperwork is exactly that— paperwork. In the…
Government Document Management Case Study

York County Housing Authority

The Challenge Managing multiple properties and thousands of clients with strict eligibility requirements is an administrative…
Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Case Study


PENNVEST leverages OnBase to Reduces Costs and Maximize Efficiency The Challenge PENNVEST deals with an extremely…
County Human Services Automation Case Study

Crawford County Human Services

Enterprise Content Management System Eliminates Paper Record Storage And Eases Field Visits For Case Workers The…
OnBase Government Case Study

Pennsylvania Treasury Department

Content Management Reduces Costs And Improves Constituent Benefits For Pennsylvania Treasury Department The Challenge One of…
Department of Human Services Automation Case Study

Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Allegheny County Department of Human Services Improves Accounts Payable Process with OnBase Workflow The Challenge In…
County Poll Worker Payment Automation

Allegheny County Poll Worker Payment Automation

Document Capture and Business Automation Provides 75% Savings for County The Challenge Allegheny County, like many…
OnBase Insurance Case Study

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

Technology Underwrites ROI for HMIC The Challenge The previous document management system, implemented in 1995, was…
Fast Food Human Resources Automation

Restaurant Franchise Transforms Human Resources Department

As a 51-store Wendy’s franchise, First Sun Management Corporation employs approximately 1,400 employees on any given…
State Housing Authority Automation Case Study

South Carolina Government Automation Case Study

State Agency Improves Efficiency And Solves Its Paperwork Problems Towards Affordable Housing SC State Housing has…
Manufacturing Accounts Payable Case Study

Glen Raven Manufacturing Accounts Payable Case Study

The Problem Glen Raven has three primary business units, which had maintained separate accounting systems. The…
County Government Document Management Case Study

Richland County Document Management Case Study

To better serve constituents, Richland County’s information technology department had developed its own departmental software solutions…
South Carolina Hospital Automation Case Study

AnMed Health Case Study

A software automation initiative at AnMed Health, an Upstate South Carolina healthcare organization, has led to…
Pepsi Automation Case Study

Pepsi Bottle Group Case Study

The Evolution of Progress The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) has consistently focused on process improvement. “As…
Debt Servicing Automation Case Study

Debt Servicing Automation Case Study

A Debt Servicing Company Sees a Need This story reflects the experience of a confidential client:…
Clemson University

Clemson University Automation Case Study

Clemson University’s goal is to be one of the top 20 public universities in the nation,…
Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Automation Case Study

Unique Processing Requirements Along with the firm’s success has come an increasing demand on accounts payable,…
Aviation AP Automation

Gulfstream AP Automation Case Study

When an off-site relocation of the Accounts Payable department of Gulfstream Aerospace threatened to cause further…
Grandbridge Real Estate Capital

Grandbridge Real Estate Capital Automation Case Study

The Challenge As Grandbridge continued to grow, they realized they needed to look for a more…
Consumer Loan Automation Case Study

Security Finance Case Study

Security Finance Finds a Way to Speed up Payment Process Security Finance, a consumer loan company…

Capital City Insurance Company Case Study

As a corporate culture, Capital City values people over technology, but they were also aware that…

Accounts Receivable Automation Results in 100% Return on Investment in Less Than a Year.

The Situation American Tire Distributors faced a serious problem resulting from recent mergers and a growing…

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