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Transform Your Organization’s Future With Automation.

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Automation Makes Tomorrow Possible, Today.

What if every single one of your employees had their own robot and the capability to use it efficiently and intelligently?

What if innovation was as simple as freeing them to improve their own performance and productivity through automation technology?

Think about how much more you could achieve if your organization was fully automated. This reality is now possible in days, not decades. It’s time to automate.

Unleash Your Employees’ Full Potential With UiPath.

Your journey from discovering automation to measuring long-term ROI begins here, with KeyMark and UiPath. As an automation industry leader, KeyMark understands the transformative power of technology. And, we understand the value of UiPath’s intuitive, scalable, and secure platform.

Your business processes

are how your people work. UiPath’s powerful, AI-driven tools help us discover the right automation pathways for your team

Your software bots

are the heart of automation. UiPath’s intuitive system empowers anyone on your team to contribute and build solutions

Your automated processes

are easy to manage. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, UiPath ensures your robots’ security, visibility, and efficiency

Your productivity gains

are only limited by your imagination. UiPath can provide attended robots you direct, unattended robots running behind the scenes, or even hybrid solutions.

Your talented employees

are invaluable in driving the automation platform. With UiPath’s Apps library anyone can build and deploy no-code solutions that work.

Your ROI

is clear and provable. UiPath makes measuring end-to-end performance as simple as looking at centralized analytics, backed up with individual bot statistics.

Free Your People From the Mundane. Equip Them to Innovate Instead.

Resilience. Speed. Agility. These are the marks of fully automated businesses that have been digitally transformed to create powerful new customer and employee experiences. Are you ready to see what your fully automated organization could look like?


Automation evolves with your organization, matching your needs intelligently


Automation grows with your organization, expanding your capabilities effortlessly.


Automation enhances your organization’s resources, empowering your growth fiscally.

UiPath Automation Solutions

Improve experiences. Increase engagement. Accelerate growth.

Bold claims backed by proven results. KeyMark knows the value of automation for an organization like yours. We’ve seen it firsthand with customers just like you. And, based on our depth of experience and belief in the power of digital transformation, we are committed to complete automation solutions like UiPath.

Here’s why UiPath’s automation solutions work:

Robots do the repeatable, mundane work instead of employees

Robots augment individual employees, as well as entire departments

Robots can be developed by any employee via low-code apps

Robots leverage AI to continue identifying new automation opportunities

What Does Successful Automation Look Like?

It should give you full transparency across your organization, while still providing full control over every aspect of the deployment. It should empower everyone in your organization to participate in meaningful ways. It should be practical to your business’ growth and operations. And, it should clearly demonstrate its ROI value. 

Increases in operational efficiency


Improvements to customer experiences

Easier proof of compliance

Stronger employee engagement

Want to understand the advantages of today’s leading RPA vendors?

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Why UiPath?

As a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions and value-added reseller, KeyMark knows how to evaluate available and emerging technologies and create relationships that provide you with the greatest opportunity to grow. UiPath continues to prove their value as part of our automation portfolio.

Leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation for two consecutive years in 2019-2020

A Forrester Wave Leader with the highest possible scores in Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence

A Process Mining Leader in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Process Mining Technology Vendors 2020

The only Robotic Process Automation provider named to Forbes AI 50 in 2020

Launch UiPath Automation with KeyMark

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Whether you already use UiPath or you’re still learning what RPA can do for you, KeyMark is a UiPath Partner with a fully-staffed, experienced RPA implementation team ready to help you. The possibilities for automating your organization are extensive, and we can help you maximize that investment!

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