Powering Your Productivity With an Array of ECM Capabilities

Enterprise content management (ECM) means many different things to many different people, but we believe that, at its core, ECM is all about answering six fundamental questions:

  1. What information needs to be captured?
  2. Where does this information need to go?
  3. Who needs access to this information?
  4. What other systems depend on this information?
  5. How will you measure the success of the process?
  6. When should the information be stored, retrieved or destroyed?


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We’ll help you answer these and other questions and, more importantly, we’ll help you implement the technologies you need to overcome the information obstacles you face along the way. An ECM solution will help your information flow like this:


Data Capture

Automate the way you receive and route the information coming into your organization, all while classifying, extracting and verifying data as needed.
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Dynamic Case Management

Empower your team to make smarter, more informed decisions by centralizing supporting documents and creating a 360-degree of your case information.
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File Management and Sharing

In our ECM solution, you can access the files you need – anytime, anywhere, from any device – and collaborate with internal and external audiences, both easily and securely.
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Forms Management

Manage all of your organization’s forms in a single place and integrate them with your core systems in order to automate processes and improve visibility.
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Integration Software

Integrate mission-critical applications – whether market-leading solutions or homegrown systems – with today’s leading process automation technologies.
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Leverage mobile workforce technologies to keep your team constantly connected, improve productivity and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes.
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Drive better business outcomes with workflow solutions that automate everything from data entry to workload distribution to decision-making – and more.
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