Automated Data Capture Software

Productivity begins now with automated data capture.

Doing More With Your Data

For many organizations, the greatest opportunity for improved productivity starts with data capture. Is there a better way to receive and route the information coming into your organization? In addition to helping you collect and access information more quickly, we can automate manual tasks and accelerate your business processes.

By leveraging today’s most advanced content capture technologies, we can classify incoming documents, extract the most critical information, verify data as needed and deliver it to the relevant individuals at your organization. As a result, you’re able to minimize manual data entry, maximize the amount of documents you process on a daily basis and begin routing the information through your workflow – all at the point of ingestion.

With improved data capture capabilities, you’re able to perform a number of efficiency-enhancing activities, such as:

  • Collect data from structured, semi-structured or free-form documents
  • Receive information electronically, on paper or both
  • Classify documents – or sets of documents – according to relevant business processes
  • Extract data accurately from typed or hand-printed documents
  • Validate data against any existing databases
  • Verify extracted information against user-defined business rules
  • Flag exceptions and notify staff for review
  • Send information and original documents to relevant business systems

Your Partner for Data and Content Capture

No matter the size of your organization, we can help reduce the time, cost and challenges of capturing your organization’s most important data and documents. Tell us more about your needs, and we’ll tell you more about our capabilities – and how they can make your one-of-a-kind organization more productive.

Go ahead. Be more productive.

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve. When you’re ready for better, we’re ready to help.