Forms Management Software

Many Forms In. Many Formats Out.

What is Forms InMotion?

A Forms Management Solution That Scales Across Your Enterprise.

Forms InMotionForms InMotion simplifies enterprise form management by centralizing all of your forms in a single place, making them accessible on any device, at any time, while connecting them with your most important data sources. Your users will love its simplicity and ease-of-use, and you’ll love its efficiency-enhancing features.

Secure Signatures With the Greatest of Ease.

Getting the signature you need—when you need it—is one of the greatest obstacles to getting things done quickly. Not anymore. Forms InMotion allows users to sign documents by touch or stylus so you can cross another task off your to-do list.

Attach Files From Anywhere at Anytime.

Whether it’s attaching a receipt for reimbursement, scanning a copy of your driver’s license or uploading any other type of supporting documentation, Forms InMotion makes it easy to attach files from your computer, phone or tablet and will store the files along with your form submission.

Keep Action Items Moving Forward With Form Forwarding.

When it comes to processing forms, getting all of the stakeholders involved at the right time can be tricky business. Forms InMotion removes the guesswork by allowing you to assign users to complete and review them at just the right time.

Complete a Field Once and Watch the Magic Happen.

Thanks to the Form-to-Form Autofill feature, your users only need to complete fields once, and the data will be mapped across all similar fields in the form package, saving time, reducing redundancy and making the form experience better for everyone.

Make Detailed Notes on the Fly – and on the Go.

Imagine using an iPad to annotate a digital diagram of the human body for patient medical records or jotting notes on an electronic schematic for a construction project. It’s safer than scribbling notes on paper that could get lost or misfiled, and it’s possible with Forms InMotion.

Make the Most of Existing PDFs.

Forms InMotion works with your existing PDF forms, so you can upload the forms you already have in place rather than recreating them. Best of all, you can still access all of your forms as PDFs, making document management, printing and manual routing a breeze.

Give Forms InMotion an RPA Boost

KeyMark, creator of Forms InMotion has released a Blue Prism bot to provide an automated way of translating output data from your FiM environment.

Blue Prism to Forms InMotion Translator

Integration with KeyMark’s Forms InMotion application. This asset translates output from FiM for use in downstream processes or application.