ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence Platform

Banish Bottlenecks with End-to-End Process Intelligence

What is ABBYY Timeline?

ABBYY Timeline is a Process Intelligence platform featuring advanced task and process mining technology. Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI), it enables businesses to automatically build an interactive digital twin of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

Visualize, Optimize and Forecast Outcomes for Every Process in Your Business

As more businesses leverage the power of digital transformation, the number of processes involved in day-to-day operations continually increases. Within each process is the capacity to streamline and improve your overall productivity — or bog it down entirely. Using the wealth of data generated by each and every process in your organization, no matter how variable, ABBYY Timeline gathers, visually displays and analyzes every step completed by people and machines so that you can make smarter, more informed decisions.

By building a virtual model of your processes and presenting it in an intuitive, user-friendly interface, ABBYY Timeline allows you to make sense of your organization’s data to quickly pinpoint areas where processes need to be improved. Not only will you be able to eliminate bottlenecks and root out problems within your operations that cost your business time and money, you’ll also be able to predict and forecast processes into the future.

Process-focused and SaaS-based, ABBYY Timeline monitors set rules for each process, alerting staff or executing automated remediation when variations are detected, in real time. By combining your analyzed process data with machine learning, the platform can predict how processes will flow in future states, identifying potential deviations so you can take action to correct them before they happen.

When it comes time to invest in additional technology, ABBYY Timeline will also provide data to help you make informed decisions, identifying areas where a process could benefit from further automation and digital transformation.

Want to see ABBYY Timeline in action? This 27-minute demo video shows how Timeline works to identify areas for improvement within invoice processing. Watch Demo Video.

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Full Transparency, Deep Analysis and Near Real-Time Monitoring

ABBYY Timeline is a quick-start, scalable platform that will help you harness the power of the IT investments you’ve already made to transform your business for the better. With ABBYY Timeline, you can:

One Step Closer to Optimizing Your Operations

At KeyMark, we’re committed to powering productivity at your organization, and ABBYY Timeline is a revolutionary tool for modernizing your daily operations. Let us partner with you to leverage this powerful process intelligence platform to make your business better. Contact us today to discuss next steps.

ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence Explained