Invoice Processing: How Does a Hybrid Approach Benefit YOU

Invoice Processing BPO

Invoice Processing: How Does a Hybrid Approach Benefit YOU Proper invoice processing is a vital function of enterprise success. Whether you’re receiving tens of invoices, hundreds, or thousands, the ability to quickly and accurately process invoice data improves back-office efficiency and protects your bottom line from slow approvals or entirely missed payments. Manual vs. Automated […]

Buzzwords Buster: What We Mean by Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a bit of a buzzword. But what does KeyMark mean by BPO?

You’ve Been Outsourced What does the term “Outsourced” mean to you? For many, outsourcing can have a pretty negative connotation — and not without reason. According to recent statistics by Fortunly, over 300,000 U.S. jobs are displaced overseas annually due to outsourcing. Throw in a pandemic and some recent economic turbulence, and the idea of […]

One New Year’s Resolution You Should Really Consider — Hyperautomation

Picture of Fireworks to celebrate the New Year

One New Year’s Resolution You Should Really Consider — Hyperautomation The New Year is a great time to set attainable resolutions that build a healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle! In business, that translates to finding better ways to save time and money while increasing employee satisfaction. Luckily, a single solution makes it all possible, […]

10 Ways KeyMark Helps Customers


Wow, it has been an exciting year for KeyMark and our customers! With growth comes change, and change often brings new relationships, roles and responsibilities. We wanted to take a moment to make sure all of our customers know that we are here for you, so we wrote a blog with 10 great reminders. Here […]

What is CloudCapture, Part 2

Zach Hance talks about business process outsourcing

CloudCapture Business Process Outsourcing Podcast What is CloudCapture and How Does it Work? Part 2 The following is a transcription from Episode 13 of The Orange Chair Podcast, “What is CloudCapture and How Does it Work? Part 2.” In this episode, we sit down with Zach Hance, Account Executive at KeyMark, who outlines CloudCapture, and […]

How CloudCapture Uses OCR to Automate

Cloud-based OCR

OCR and CloudCapture BPO Work Very Well Together One way you can use KeyMark’s CloudCapture BPO solution is via cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR). Joining these two automation technologies together allows you to automate high-volume document processing, classification, and data extraction, so your team can focus on more important things: like advancing your organization. There’s […]

Improve Accounts Payable with BPO


Supercharge Your Accounts Payable with BPO Does your organization deal with seemingly endless amounts of paperwork on a daily basis? Have you ever calculated the time spent on receiving and processing this information? Better yet, have you ever calculated the potential savings gained from outsourcing your document processing? KeyMark can help you outsource tedious back […]

Outsource Document Processing with CloudCapture

Outsource document processing with KeyMark's CloudCapture solution.

Say Goodbye to Tedious, Manual Data Entry If you deal with scanning and manual data entry on a daily basis, choosing to outsource that work through CloudCapture is a great way to make your life easier and grow your business. This service can dramatically reduce the tedious task of keying data into your accounting software, […]

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