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Maximize Efficiency in Your Mailroom or Payment Center With OPEX Solutions

Fast, Efficient and Reliable OPEX Scanners

OPEX manufactures high volume mailroom automation equipment, document scanners, remittance processors and warehouse automation equipment.

Whether it’s high-volume, low-volume, incoming or outgoing operations, a KeyMark solution featuring OPEX products can do the work of any number of full-time employees in the traditional capture environment. Here are a few of the ways we can help with document and mail automation.

Turn Physical Mail Received into Usable Data with Mailroom Automation

The labor and time required for manually sorting, opening and extracting information from incoming mail only slows your business down. Our OPEX mailroom automation solutions can be used as stand-alone solutions or combined with other solutions to maximize the way you handle incoming mail. Main capabilities include:

  • Digital Mailroom – Immediately digitize content from physical mail to quickly distribute information.
  • Sorting – Automatically sort large volumes of incoming mail, including mail of varying sizes.
  • Opening – Quickly open and sort high volumes and varying sizes of incoming mail.
  • Extraction – Open, scan and securely digitize information from physical mail.
  • Scanning – Securely move from envelope to usable data with fewer steps and a single operator.
  • Payments – Process incoming payments quickly, accurately and in compliance with privacy regulations.

Product Spotlight

OPEX Falcon™ Transportable Document Scanning Workstation

The Falcon™ Transportable can attack the most daunting workflow challenges regardless of where your business takes you!

Learn more about the benefits of the OPEX Falcon™ line of document scanning solutions in our “21 Good Reasons to Buy” infographic!

Mailroom Automation Case Study

Read a little more about how OPEX and KeyMark helped Hastings Mutual Insurance Company to enhance their mailroom with automation.


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