Leverage faster prep and scanning with Falcon™ from OPEX.

OPEX Scanners

Fast, Efficient and Reliable OPEX Scanners

OPEX scanners provide the finest in mailroom automation for high volume, low volume, incoming and outgoing operations. A KeyMark solution featuring OPEX scanners can do the work of four to five full-time employees in the traditional capture environment. OPEX and KeyMark in tandem offer unique envelope extraction equipment and mailroom sorters, which deliver high-speed, efficient and reliable solutions for your mail processing needs.

OPEX high-speed, color scanners are equipped with a unique drop feeder for quick and easy mail handling enabling you to process clean payments, exception mail and full-sized documents. Users can open, extract, identify, prep, capture, orient, read, sort, create an audit trail and output mail content in one easy step.