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Britt Burnett

Director, Support
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Britt Burnett

Director, Support

Team Member since 1998

Britt is a highly experienced engineer with an extensive education and work history in the field of engineering. Following his graduation from Clemson University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Britt joined General Electric, designing accessory systems to support gas turbines used for electric power generation. Britt also worked at Integrated Support Systems as a software engineer on their InSync product used for product life cycle and configuration management. Britt joined the KeyMark team in 1998 where he has worked as a systems engineer, Manager of Engineering Services and is currently the Director of Support.

Things you should know about Britt:
  • I was lead guitarist in a heavy metal band in college and shortly after
  • I posted a YouTube video with instructions to fix a Samsung microwave that has over 10,000 views
  • I saw Barbara Bush at The Harbour Island Westin in Tampa while waiting on a ride to the airport. Secret Service sent me to the airport in a limo before George H. arrived.

Q&A with Britt

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Years ago, I was able to trace my roots back to the Burnetts of Leys Clan, who built and lived in a castle in Aberdeen, Scottland beginning in the 16th century. I’d like to live in a castle for a week.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Family time, traveling, grilling, playing the guitar and enjoying the great outdoors!

If you could tell the next generation one thing, what would it be?

Do not overvalue technology or shiny new gadgets. People and relationships are important. Email and text less and talk more. Surround yourself with people that are important to you and spend time with them.