System Administrative Services vs. OnBase Dedicated Resources

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Choosing your professional services

Pairing your OnBase Enterprise Content Management system with professional services dramatically improves what your team can get done in OnBase. But as it is said, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat,” so are there more ways than one to bolster your document management solution with professional services.

System Administrative Services and dedicated resources are two such offerings under the umbrella of Professional Services that use slightly different approaches to reach the same end goal—namely, the success of your OnBase system and its users. Putting our complicated relationship with cats aside, let’s compare and contrast these approaches so you can identify what might work best for your team.

System Administrative Services

System Administrative Services supply your daily OnBase end users with a core team of experts to manage and maintain daily OnBase operations. This team typically communicates directly with people interacting with OnBase as part of their daily workflow. System Administrative Services provides proactive OnBase monitoring, break/fix support, and monthly reporting of OnBase performance.

OnBase Dedicated Resource

dedicated resource is a full or part-time OnBase expert to augment your existing staff or act as an in-house engineer. Dedicated Resources are sourced, trained, and supplied to your organization by KeyMark, and managed by you. These individuals collaborate directly with IT departments and can initiate upgrades, perform root cause analysis on system issues, and elevate issues to KeyMark support autonomously. They are also instrumental in expanding OnBase’s capabilities to other departments.

One cook in the kitchen or many hands make light work

A dedicated resource is just that — dedicated to your needs. It’s a single OnBase expert who’s solely committed to your system. That means a lot of personalized attention and highly intimate knowledge of your specific OnBase configuration, including ways it can be tweaked and upgraded to optimize performance. An OnBase dedicated resource will service and maintain any installations and upgrades you might require, without the need for much involvement from your IT department.

System Administrative Services is an entire team that monitors your OnBase usage and performance from a distance. The team is still intimately knowledgeable of your OnBase system but is more interested in maintaining the day-to-day performance to keep end users happy. Both services have direct lines to additional KeyMark/Hyland help and engineering teams, however system administrative services will only assist with installations and upgrades.

Onsite or on-demand

Dedicated Resources can be made available onsite for set periods of time, planned working days, or in-office meetings. Whatever the case, organizations can depend on dedicated resources to integrate and collaborate fully with their team during critical business hours.

System Administrative Service teams, on the other hand, stay here at KeyMark and are on-demand when you need them. They’ll work in the background to reduce your system downtime and make themselves available when an end user encounters an issue. 

Opportunity savings or support

As mentioned before, a dedicated resource can help you squeeze performance out of OnBase by helping additional departments adopt, utilize, and thrive from the software you’re already paying for. Additionally, a dedicated resource is going to save you a lot in sourcing, onboarding, training, and maintaining your own OnBase engineer — costs KayMark takes on when providing an OnBase engineer as a service. That’s a significant amount of savings in opportunity costs.

On the other hand, the major cost-benefit of System Administrative Services is access to KeyMark’s Platinum Support. When you purchase System Administrative Services, you instantly gain KeyMark’s highest level of customer care at no additional cost. Platinum Support comes with a whole slew of benefits including executive visits, free webinars and recertifications, after-hours support, and more.

It all comes down to the end user

Both services have their strengths and areas where they are most applicable. They can work independently of each other, or in tandem to provide the best coverage. But if you can only choose one, ask yourself, “Who needs assistance — daily users or IT?”

  • Does your IT staff have a solid handle on OnBase engineering tasks, but needs additional support managing the day-to-day needs of OnBase users, as well as system maintenance and health? If so, then System Administrative Services is your ticket.
  • Are you unable to spend the time and resources vetting, training, paying, and housing a knowledgeable OnBase engineer? Do you need someone to upgrade and develop OnBase while collaborating and transferring knowledge to IT? If yes, then a dedicated resource is likely the better option.

Explore the world of KeyMark services

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