Process mining enables operational excellence and accelerates organizations’ digital transformation journeys by providing a fact-based approach to discovering, monitoring, and optimizing as-is processes.

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Collaborate with our assessments team and utilize process discovery tactics and advanced process mining technology to:

  • Review current manual processes — Uncover current process pain points and discover the most logical and cost-efficient places to automate.
  • Improve Existing Software Solutions — Inspect underperforming software solutions with our assessments team and subject-matter experts to optimize software configuration, boost performance, and return productivity to end-users.
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Process Assessment In Action — Case Study

Telecoms company reduces P2P costs and increases efficiency after performing a process assessment.

The Challenge

A European telecommunications provider faced increasing price competition, so the company sought to reduce costs across its business. But gaining transparency into its finance processes, especially its procure-to-pay (P2P) process, proved a significant challenge.

The Solution

Using process mining technology, the company could quickly and thoroughly assess its entire P2P process and flagged several time-consuming and costly manual processes ripe for automation.

The Results

As well as achieving $3 million in P2P savings, the company has been able to reduce the hours spent on the process, allowing them to reassign newly liberated employees to higher value, more rewarding tasks.

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$3M in P2P savings identified with root-cause analysis

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From 5-6 weeks to a few hours reduced gap-analysis time

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3-4 FTEs freed up to work on more strategic activities

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Learn all about assessments in the Orange Chair Podcast Episode 3: Automation Assessments, Benefits, and Discoveries.

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