Blue Prism RPA Assessments

Blue Prism RPA Assessments and FAQs

Blue Prism RPA Assessments

If you’re considering Blue Prism RPA, this FAQ guide will help you choose the right process to automate. KeyMark can also conduct an in-depth RPA assessment.

Once you have decided to automate with robotic process automation (RPA), you will inevitably be looking for pricing and trying to understand the time such a project will take.


How Does Blue Prism Compare to Other RPA Providers?

KeyMark is an independent software reseller. When selecting an RPA vendor, we reviewed today’s leading RPA providers and found Blue Prism to be a top contender for first place. You’ll see some of those findings in this chart: RPA Tools Comparison.

How Much Does Blue Prism Cost?

To give you an idea of a starting point, one concurrent Blue Prism digital worker starts at $15,000.

We recommend that organizations start small, with one process. Once the process has been successfully implemented and new processes have been identified, you should be able to scale very quickly.

Where Should I Begin?

If you know you want to implement RPA, but you aren’t sure where to begin, visit our handy brainstorm list, 70 Manual Processes That Bots Can Do Better.

We also recommend visiting our article, 5 Things to Consider Before an RPA Implementation, to put your identified process through our checklist for what processes will successfully automate.

Finally, Blue Prism has a page that shows which solutions they recommend automating by industry.

Showing ROI for Your Automated Process

So you have an idea of which process you’d like to begin with. But will it help you show a monetary return back to your business?

KeyMark has created an RPA ROI Savings Calculator to help you decide which process will show you an immediate return on your investment.

Will the Process I Have Selected Actually Work with RPA?

Let’s talk it through together. Fill out our contact form. We will take about 5 minutes to ask you a few questions, either via email or on the phone and then we’ll set you up with one of our RPA experts.

Our Organization Needs an In-Depth RPA Process Audit

KeyMark offers paid RPA assessments where we can conduct an audit and help you find and prioritize processes to automate. Again, you can fill out our contact form to kick things off.

Can I Buy from Blue Prism Directly?

No. Blue Prism does not sell directly to organizations, but they instead focus on selling through a channel of resellers and systems integrators like KeyMark.

Why KeyMark?

Founded in 1996, KeyMark is a value-added reseller and systems integrator of business automation technology.

Silver Certified Blue Prism PartnerKeyMark is both a Silver-Certified Blue Prism partner and a Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partner. In addition to working with our partners at Blue Prism daily, we have a full-service Blue Prism sales, implementation, and support team.

Not a single software distributor in the world has focused on delivering a total solution that includes multiple vendors.

Start a conversation with us by filling out the form on this page. You can expect an initial call to take about 5 minutes as we assess your potential needs and help you to determine whether or not RPA could be a fit.