Basic OnBase Database Maintenance for SQL Server

There are as many different ways to use OnBase as there are customers who use it… …but there are a few things every OnBase system has in common. The most basic, and the most critical, is the Database. Your Database is the backbone of your system, and how the Database functions will directly affect your […]

The 4 Most Important OnBase Best Practices of All Time, Part 2

Last week, we introduced Part 1 of our list of the most important OnBase Best Practices. We know we left you hanging with only two of the four, but now that you’ve had time to dive in to your system and take steps towards training administrators and documenting processes, you’re ready for the last two […]

The 4 Most Important OnBase Best Practices of All Time, Part 1

There are a lot of OnBase Best Practices related to all different portions of the software. There are Best Practices for setting up and maintaining the Database; for scanning document batches; for setting up Workflow and Workview; even for creating Disk Groups, Users and User Groups. But there are 4 Best Practices that are more […]

5 Important Hacks Remote Employees Can Use to Stay Engaged and Connected

onbase us locations.

Greetings from Denver, Colorado! KeyMark’s employee-base and customer-base both span across the US and Canada.  In order to provide the highest quality work to our customers, we strive to employ the industry’s best sales team, engineers, support staff, and analysts. To do this effectively and provide support across all time zones, it means having team […]

6 Simple Ways to Make Any OnBase System More Secure

We live in an age of internet connectivity, which perforce means we live in an age of internet attacks.   The news is full of stories of security breaches and stolen information. Your OnBase solution contains important and often sensitive data, much of which may require strenuous security measures for compliance. How, then, can you make […]