Monitor Productivity Through Dashboards and Real-Time Reporting.

Reports & Dashboards

Gaining Greater Visibility into Documents, Data, People and Processes

Many large organizations today, no matter the industry, are asking themselves the same question: how do we gain greater visibility into our documents, data, people and processes? After all, if you can’t see what’s happening with your organization – when it’s happening – you’re at a serious disadvantage when it comes to making decisions and doing the day-to-day work that keeps your organization moving full steam ahead.

Through custom reporting tools and click-and-configurable dashboards, enterprise content management solutions like OnBase provide you with a bird’s eye view of your department – or your entire organization – empowering you to take action when and where it’s needed. It also gives you a better understanding of the overall completeness and health of your systems so that you can eliminate obstacles – and find opportunities for greater productivity.

With improved dashboards and reporting, you can perform a number of data-driven tasks:

    Monitor business processes so you can take immediate, actionable step

  • Access reporting dashboards through web browsers, Microsoft® SharePoint and mobile devices
  • Evaluate the overall integrity and health of your systems
  • Eliminate aging or expired information as needed
  • Empower managers and personnel to identify key areas of improvement
  • Run reports without burdening the IT department or compromising security
  • Enhance audit and compliance capabilities by identifying the existence and accuracy of information
  • Facilitate external audits by providing auditors with access to content through a web portal

Better Visibility, Better Organization

It’s pretty simple really. The more you know about your organization the more empowered you are to improve it. Let us show you how real-time reporting and customizable dashboards can make a lasting improvement on your organization’s overall productivity – and profitability.