Herd documents, not cats

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An official history of documents and cats

The Ancient Egyptians are known for creating one of the earliest forms of writing — hieroglyphics — which they wielded to index their most important documents and data among the tombs, tomes, and temples of the Old and New Kingdoms.

We can glean much of Egypt’s history and traditions thanks to this early method of document management. But of all the characters and events portrayed in the doodles and drawings of ancient hieroglyphics, one subject matter sticks out among the rest. A reverence, adoration, and obsession with a particular furry feline known and loved in our modern world. The cat.

History repeats itself

We’ve been loving on cats since the first outbreak of cat scratch fever circa 8,000 BCE. Yet, despite all of our affection throughout the many years, cats remain as enigmatic, elusive, and darn right chaotic today as they were when the scribes of Egypt drew the first proof of concept for Bastest.

Luckily, our relationship with documents and data has fared far better, improving dramatically since the early days of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The cat goddess Bastet appears in a chaotic document management nightmare.
Pictured above: The Egyptian cat goddess Bastest appears in an unorganized waking nightmare.

We herd documents, not cats

We don’t recommend trying to herd any cats as it’ll lead to lots of frustration and a few scratches. But what if we told you your ancient manual business documents could be living a much better life with a little organization and some lifecycle automation? 

Businesses are fueled by documents and data flooding from every corner of the organization, whether customer exchanges, vendor relationships, or day-to-day internal operations. That can be a lot to wrangle.


What if we told you your ancient manual business documents could be living a much better life with a little organization and lifecycle automation?

Herding Cats:
A futile attempt to organize the unorganizable.

Example: Creating this metaphor that brings together Egyptian hieroglyphics, cat worship, and document management has been like herding cats.

With the right mix of AI-enabled content services software and human expertise, KeyMark can help modernize your business operations by streamlining document management in several key ways — no scratches guaranteed.

Let's wrap this mummy up

So there you have a really long-winded and unique reason to consider document lifecycle management. But there is more to success than software. The value of a value-added reseller is the implementation, training, staffing, and lifetime support for your document management solutions, so you can spend less time micro-managing paper processes, and more time strategically planning the future.

A partnership to stand the test of time

If the Ancient Egyptians had a partner like KeyMark, they'd still be here.
It's just that simple.

KeyMark integrates, implements, and supports content services/enterprise content management solutions like OnBase to help organizations herd their documents and thrive for generations to come. Contact our cat-loving support engineers, to find out how. Let’s make history.

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