Introducing KeyMark Standard
and Extended Support

Support You Can Count On

We’re easy to reach, quick to respond and always here to help.

As both an OnBase Diamond Support Award Winner and Kofax Diamond Partner, KeyMark offers an unprecedented level of support with our Extended Support program.

Our support philosophy is built on ensuring your organization has the tools it needs to keep your system running reliably and at peak efficiency. Our highly trained and experienced support engineers help you assess, troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues with your systems, should they arise.

Without proper maintenance, solutions can become unstable, and without service, simple problems can sometimes escalate, causing system failures and downtime. By leveraging KeyMark’s Extended Support programs, system failures are minimized, thanks to our phone, email and secure online support.– Cameron Boland, Vice President of Operations at KeyMark

Your Extended Support program also ensures that upgrades for new releases, software updates and patches are applied as needed. This forward-thinking support provides you with a system that continues to run at maximum productivity and ensures that new releases don’t interfere with previous configurations or custom work.

KeyMark Extended Support Program Offerings

Each of our Extended Support plans is designed to help ensure your system always performs at its peak. This means providing you with ongoing technical support and continuous access to our treasure-trove of support resources.

All of our Extended Support plans include unlimited phone and email support during business hours, but our support plans can also scale to offer more specialized services like designated support contacts, insightful executive visits and much more.

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Disclaimer: Offerings may change without notice on this page so please consult your KeyMark Account Manager to confirm details about KeyMark Extended Support programs