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OnBase Boost Connector

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OnBase Boost uses Blue Prism RPA technology to automate tasks within OnBase, thereby making your team even more efficient. Now, you can automate workflow document handles, keyword queries, ad hoc user tasks and upload multiple documents at once. These assets, hosted on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange, will be essential for anyone who wants to be more efficient with their OnBase document management software.

As experts in both OnBase by Hyland and Blue Prism RPA, KeyMark can also do custom automations as part of our OnBase Boost suite of assets. Contact us today to discuss what else you’d like us to automate!

The Story

It all began with a race to become first. To differentiate ourselves we sought out ways we could innovate. But moreover, we wanted to find ways to help customers as an invaluable resource. So, we identified a way to create some efficiencies using Blue Prism’s robotic process automation (RPA) technology. These assets are now available, for free, below and on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. Read the full article.

The Bots

Used interchangeably, bots or digital workers, these programs are exactly what you need to make your life easier and your company more productive. KeyMark has developed multiple programs to automate tasks within OnBase by Hyland. These are free of charge on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange and can be used by anyone with a Blue Prism license.  

OnBase Workflow Document Handle

Provides a lifecycle integration within your OnBase environment, giving you direct ability to obtain Document Handles in real time.

Get Keywords

Provides a keyword query integration within your OnBase environment, giving you direct ability to obtain keywords.

Upload Files​

Provides an automated way of uploading multiple documents into your OnBase environment via the OnBase Unity API

OnBase Execute
Ad Hoc User Task

Provides an automated way of executing an Ad Hoc User Task by connecting to the OnBase Document Management System.

The RPA Team

These are the people behind-the-scenes, who are developing programs based on our unique customer needs. This is the group who is developing the bots you see on this page. It’s also the people who will help you use RPA to automate your digital tasks, improving the way your organization operates forever.

Whether you already use Blue Prism RPA or if you’re still considering what RPA can do for you, our fully-staffed, experienced implementation team is ready to  help you with your next project. Blue Prism bots (or digital workers) are concurrent, so they don’t have to just be programmed to do one thing. Let us help you maximize your investment!

The Tool: See for Yourself!

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Custom Bots

If you have additional questions or want a custom bot developed, we’re ready.