Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsource your back office and outshine the competition with BPO.

What is BPO?

There are several types of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), however KeyMark offers document processing services that include invoice processing, digital mailroom outsourcing, data processing outsourcing and document conversions. 

Simply put, the brand of BPO KeyMark offers revolves around scanning, capturing document information and putting it into workflows for your organization. We call our service “CloudCapture™.”

Smart, Scalable Outsourcing Solutions

Processing huge volumes of documents and data is a part of business that is necessary, but never fun. CloudCapture™ BPO helps you outsource all of your non-core, back office functions to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs, freeing your team to focus on more important things. With Business Process Outsourcing, you can rely on KeyMark to help you automate processes, streamline document management and reduce back office operational expenses.

Save time and money by investing in:

Our fully-staffed United States-based processing facility features people with more than two decades of document processing experience. During this time, we have implemented outsourcing solutions for all types of organizations, including manufacturing companies, medical practices, state government agencies and private global entities. The most popular types of documents and data we typically process are:

  • Invoices
  • Freight Bills
  • Medical Forms
  • Mortgage Paperwork
  • Payroll Forms
  • Timesheets
  • Application Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • License Renewals

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BPO Overview

We created this helpful document to provide you with everything you need to know about our document processing service.

Your Business Processes Just Got Easier

Whether you need to manage short-term surges in demand or want to overhaul your long-term back office processing requirements completely, we offer a full spectrum of BPO solutions, from accounts payable outsourcing and document processing to mailroom services and more.

BPO Process

KeyMark BPO Specifics

KeyMark’s CloudCapture™ BPO service starts with your scanned documents. We will first help you to classify the document types. Next, we use human assistance to validate and make decisions software alone can’t do. Then, we follow existing rule-driven processes, data source look-ups and handle exceptions. Finally, we’ll return your document data to a format where it can be imported into your line-of-business applications.

Data Capture

You upload the documents. We capture the pertinent data on documents in digital form so it can be used for processing.

Document Classification

We identify & classify multiple document types by image, keyword or context to organize your incoming documents.

OCR w/ Human-
Assisted Resolution

We capture, classify and index the data. Then, we handle exceptions with look-ups and validation points.

Content Processing

We leverage your existing rule-based workflows to begin processing the digitized documents.

Want to know how it works?

We created this free resource to showcase our process and address security questions regarding our document processing services.

5 Reasons to Leverage CloudCapture BPO

 *And many more!

See How Much Money You Can Save With Outsourcing

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