Is it time to upgrade or replace your existing enterprise content management (ECM) system?

Today, ECM software is helping organizations with enterprise workflow, automation, records management, forms management and more. However, if your system lacks the functionality to scale throughout your enterprise or doesn’t have the agility you need, it may be time to consider an ECM conversion.

If your current system doesn’t meet your business needs, a modern ECM solution may be the answer. Whether you are working with an unsupported legacy system or you’re considering an upgrade, converting to a new ECM system will prove to be more cost-effective, easier to use and more efficient in the long-term.

As a document management solutions provider that has performed hundreds of successful ECM implementations, KeyMark has worked with organizations in a range of industries looking to upgrade or convert existing ECM software systems.

If you aren’t sure whether your organization is ready to make the move to a new system, we can help evaluate your current system, make recommendations based on where your organization is today, plan for future growth and help to create a conversion plan.

KeyMark has guided customers through hundreds of successful conversions.


"They are very timely and thorough."
Amanda Jackson
MVP Healthcare
"I think we ended up with a very good product which has opportunity to develop into something even better over time. The KeyMark engineer was very open minded and patient as we worked through the issues during testing."
Beth Quick
SC Department of Administration
"Very responsive! Managed to timeline despite scope changes."
Brian Toothman
First Citizens Bank & Trust Company
"I am completely satisfied with KeyMark's services and know that I can always count on them to answer my questions or point me to where I can find the answers."
Eileen Aguirre
Helix Water District
"Due to the competent, experienced staff - issues are resolved in good time. Everyone has a positive attitude, and you can tell there is a lot of demonstrated teamwork and collaboration among your staff."
Gina Johnson
Centra Maine Medical Center
"Professional and warm. Well rounded. You jump in when I need you."
Rip Jones
University Healthcare System
"KeyMark team is very prompt in responding and very enjoyable to work with. They all are very nice and very knowledgeable and are able to assist in any of my issues that I have had."
Sue Ryan
Gulfstream Aerospace

Just because you’ve relied on FileNet for years doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever.

Especially if the system has become too complex or costly to maintain or lacks the functionality you need.

Should you consider upgrading your Oracle IPM software to OnBase enterprise content management software?

No one wants to be stuck with a system that no longer offers support for an existing version. Yet that is exactly what some Oracle IPM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) customers are experiencing.

Three Questions To Ask If You’re Considering an ECM Software Upgrade.

Does your business, agency or organization have an enterprise content management (ECM) system in place? If so, you already realize what an integral role the system plays in your daily operations.

The Cost of Doing Nothing Is More Costly Than You Think.

Historically, insurance carriers have been the early adopters of enterprise content management (ECM) technologies. However, while quick to adopt, these same carriers are now somewhat reluctant to upgrade or replace their legacy system – many of which were purchased more than a decade ago.

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