Your people are your strongest asset. HR automation processes make them stronger.

Your next great hire might just be a digital worker.

People power your business. But, who ultimately is at the heart of your people? Human resources! They find the right team members and empower each employee to pursue their brightest future as part of your organization. Without them, you’d have far less talent executing your vision. Our tools will help your HR automation processes, making the whole team stronger and more efficient.

As certain as it is that HR matters in your business, it’s almost equally certain that the paperwork and processes they navigate every day are getting in the way of how effective they could actually be at building and growing your talent. Even worse, their manual workflow introduces countless opportunities for compliance and security risks.

There’s a better way. A way to shift your HR team from paperwork to people-work. That way is automating redundant and tedious tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ensuring the confidential documents they handle are in a securely stored and protected system.

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HR Automation Process

With automated content services from industry leading brands like Blue Prism and Hyland, your HR team can execute talent acquisition, onboarding, employee relations, records management, and even IT tasking. Combining intelligent automation, case management, and a hyper-focus on compliance and security, these tools integrate directly with your HRIS, giving your team a complete view of each employee from one central data repository.

Employee Onboarding

First impressions matter. And, for new employees, that starts before they walk in the door. From first contact with a prospect to their first day, your onboarding experience should immerse them in company culture, clearly communicate policies, and equip them with relevant procedures. Then, they need to rapidly learn their role and get up to speed as productive contributors on the team. Does your current onboarding process position you as a leader in your field?

With an HR automation process, onboarding becomes a seamless positive experience for each new team member and your entire HR team. Through a paperless onboarding workflow, your HR team will be able to automatically:

  • Pre-populate onboarding documents with employee information
  • Share necessary checklists, forms, and documents
  • Create credential management system records
  • Load relevant learning management modules
  • Equip team members with the precise tools they need to quickly contribute to the company
  • Monitor each step of the onboarding process

Employee Offboarding

Employee separation is an unfortunate reality your HR team navigates. You want to make sure a separated employee no longer has access to information or, and, you want to do it in a timely and straightforward manner. If you can reduce the risks and improve the experience, that’s a win for everyone, including the former team member.

With KeyMark’s help, your team will be able to leverage HR automation tools like OnBase by Hyland or Blue Prism RPA to ensure offboarding checklists are completed quickly and completely, including:
  • Schedule exit activities
  • Confirm systems and building access have been revoked
  • Verify the return of corporate assets
  • Provide clear benefits continuity instructions
  • Inform payroll how to process final paychecks
  • Notify department management of necessary tasks and outstanding work assignments

Your HR team will have a holistic view of all onboarding and offboarding information in a single location, allowing them to easily track each employee’s applications, onboarding progress, offboarding progress, intervene with additional steps where necessary, and continue to improve each employee’s experience as part of the team.

New Employee Processes

The competition for top talent is only growing. For your HR team, this means speed of access to information, ease of processing key steps, and risk mitigation are top priorities.

Reference Requests

Checking references is vital to ensuring you’ve found the right candidate for the job. But, it’s also time consuming for your HR team. By automating reference requests, you can keep your team focused on talent rather than paperwork. 

Initiate Payroll

It’s important to get your team paid, and doubly important to get that first paycheck. As new team members officially sign their paperwork, you can automatically generate new payroll requests, eliminating delays or errors and ensuring they never fall through the cracks.

Welcome Packets & IT Requests

The first day is a busy one! From welcome letters and videos to benefit packages and first-day agendas, you can automate the entire process. You can even initiate IT requests for core systems and generate login credentials to ensure their technology is ready when they arrive.

Talent Acquisition & Drug Testing

Making a prospect an offer can generate a lot of paperwork and research. From scheduling interviews and setting up drug screenings to generating benefits packages and offer letters, you can automate the entire process. Then, the entire data file for the prospect can seamlessly become part of their record as a new employee.

Candidate Screening & Background Checks

As good as your HR team is, digital workers can leverage AI to gather faster, more accurate background and social media research on a prospective employee. Automated cross-referencing advances background checks by flagging discrepancies in education records, work history, professional licenses, and malpractice complaints. You can even seamlessly notify hiring managers of potential risks, minimizing the company’s exposure and saving valuable time. 

Employee File Management

Human resources departments accumulate numerous file cabinets of records, leading to frustrating manual searches for information and exposing the company to risk if files are missing or compromised.

By digitizing employee files, you remove the frustrations and risks of employee file management, while empowering the entire HR team with on-demand access to a holistic view of each employee at their fingertips.

Not only are you protecting your vital employee records from flood, fire and theft, you’re ensuring security with a complete audit trail of user access and simplifying the entire file retention compliance process.

Employee Relations & Management

Incident reports are on the rise as awareness of misconduct in the workplace grows and employees are empowered to speak in favor of creating a more equitable, safe, and inclusive workplace. One mishandled complaint can represent serious legal trouble, damage your image, and even impact your profitability.

By automating employee relations management, you free your HR team from the burden of a manual (and potentially inconsistent) case management process for incident investigation and resolution. In its place, you equip them with an intuitive and fair workflow that creates a sense of impartial and unbiased accountability for everyone involved.

With KeyMark’s help, you can integrate all incident handling information into one view, providing immediate access to all relevant employee data, documents, notes, conversations, and emails. Our HR automation solution makes case status crystal clear, identifies bottlenecks, and updates resolution timelines in real time. This toolset equips your HR team with standardized processes to ensure the right information is gathered and every step is followed carefully, all while protecting the privacy of every employee involved via robust security authorization controls.

HR Policies & Procedures

Electronic policies and procedures are critical to ensuring your 21st century workforce is operating from the same playbook. From creating and distributing critical policies to ensuring employee acknowledgement, what was once a painful and risky process is now streamlined

With a simple HR automation process,
your HR team can quickly:

  • Send company-wide or custom-group email notifications linking to specific policies
  • Revise policies electronically with instant notifications for all affected team members
  • Enforce timely acknowledgements with clear tracking

Just as importantly, OnBase can empower
your employees to better:

  • Access crucial information relevant to specific employee role
  • Understand company expectations, policies, and procedures
  • Engage with HR in training and empowerment opportunities without losing efficiency
Compensation Management

Just as your team is always developing and growing, their compensation and benefits evolve, too. By automating compensation, you’ll reduce manual tasks like payroll changes, data validation and reconciliation. Plus, you’ll increase accuracy and maximize regulatory compliance.

Systems & Facilities Access

Beyond managing the people on your team, HR often handles access to vital assets like your facilities and systems. By deploying a digital workforce, your team will be able to quickly and efficiently create new user accounts, manage personnel requests, and ensure that the right people have access to the tools and spaces they need to do their best work. Just as importantly, your HR team will have greater speed and accuracy in denying access whenever needed.

Navigating Peak Staffing Demands

Whether you’re in the retail industry navigating high-demand seasonal staffing needs or in healthcare managing complex shifts amid a fluctuating workforce, Robotic Process Automation can increase your HR team’s ability to supply just the right workforce for that day’s tasks. Whether navigating high staff attrition or complicated contracts across multiple locations, getting the right details and access for each employee is simpler with intelligent automation.

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