Mailroom Automation

The modern mailroom starts here.

Move from the check’s in the mail to the money’s in the bank

Did you know that the vast majority of documents that are critical to business operations are still being processed manually? How does that compare with your organization? If your organization is still dealing with a significant volume of printed documents on a daily basis, there’s a good chance that you can benefit greatly from our mailroom services.

By automating the intake, verification and digital conversion of your organization’s critical information, you can streamline your document management processes, reduce costs and increase overall operational efficiency.

Our team has implemented mailroom solutions for a wide range of organizations across varied industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, from government agencies to private enterprises. In each case, we leveraged today’s most advanced document management technologies to modernize their mailroom, and we can do the same for your organization.

Why Automate Your Mailroom?

If your organization has a need for processing incoming documents like applications, annual registrations, survey cards, license renewals or other types of information, our mailroom services may be the perfect fit. Not only can we alleviate the need for manual-based processes, we can also ensure fast and accurate document processing.

Our mailroom services include receiving the paperwork, imaging and entering the information, processing and collating checks or fees, and providing secure storage and transmittal of the information.

  • Document Intake – Incoming documents can be received via email or mail. Each item is sorted and prepared for scanning.
  • Digital Conversion – Items are electronically scanned for high-speed document processing.
  • Data Extraction – Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software indexes the digital documents and extracts the data needed for processing.
  • Integration – Several options are available for integrating the captured data for document workflow processing, including secure FTP and cloud-based access.
  • Archiving and Back Up – After the conversion process, all digital documents can be archived and retained for document retention policies and disaster recovery.

Remittance Processing / Lockbox

Wish you could streamline your receivables process, expedite access to incoming funds and reduce your payment processing costs, all at the same time? It’s possible with Remittance Processing from KeyMark.

Here’s how it works. All of your organization’s incoming checks are funneled to your organization’s designated lockbox. Once received, our processing team will sort the checks as needed and send them through high-speed scanners. While being scanned, the payment information is extracted from each check, and the data, along with images of the check, is compiled and transmitted to you electronically for easy integration into your accounting system. Once verified, your financial institution will receive an electric deposit, and the funds will become available.

Custom Mailroom Services

Our mailroom experts will consult with your organization and review your document management requirements to determine the most efficient and productive processes to elevate the efficiency of your organization. Then we’ll custom-craft a mailroom solution that meets your needs.