3 AI Prompts to Supercharge Your Results

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Generative AI is great comic relief. I asked it to write a poem in old English style about my chihuahua named Chico who licks his paws all the time. I haven’t laughed that hard since seeing a TikTok of people being scared by random bursts from an airhorn.

But AI is also a seriously powerful tool for business. And to help you get more out of your AI interactions, here are three suggested types of prompts with examples.


Prompt for Creativity, Data Analysis, & Customer Communication

  1. Creativity
    Use prompts that encourage AI to think creatively with results that provide options for you to choose from.

    “Generate five engaging and unique blog post ideas for [topic]. Include attention-grabbing headlines and a brief outline for each idea.”

  2. Data Analysis
    Leverage prompts where AI can interpret complex data so you can understand and act upon the results.

    “Analyze the following data set [insert data details] and provide a summary. Include key insights, trends, patterns, and anomalies you observe. Suggest actionable steps based on the findings.”

  3. Customer Communication
    Craft personalized and empathetic responses to difficult or sensitive issues like customer complaints.

    “Draft an email response to a customer complaint about [issue]. Make the language personal with an empathetic but professional tone that offers a solution and invites further discussion if needed.”

Bonus Prompt

For better results, include a simple prompt at the end of your main prompt that grants AI permission to ask questions. The AI won’t always ask, but without including this the AI will respond with only the input you have provided.

“Ask me any clarifying questions you may have.”



AI can save a lot of time, however, if you rush your prompts and don’t think through what you are asking of the AI, you can spend as much time modifying your prompts to the point where the benefit is lost. You are essentially providing AI with a brief. Think of AI as an employee who you want to do a specific task. Your results will only be as good as your instructions. Don’t be afraid to try new things – that is how we all learn.

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