Mission Control

Hyperautomation: A Total Solution

Hyperautomation combines different automation technologies into a single custom solution. At KeyMark, we launch businesses into the future through our holistic approach to intelligent automation, empowering organizations to become the most efficient and profitable versions of themselves.

Here's How It Works:


01. Core

Case Management | Workflow

At the core of KeyMark’s hyperautomation solution are case management and workflow. While case management gives employees a 360-degree view of their work and creates easy access to information, workflow guides the ship and keeps processes moving through steps like automatic routing, approval notifications, document integration and more. They are the foundation of your total automation solution.


02. Fuel

Capture | Mobile Capture
Forms Automation | BPO

Fuel is the data that is core to your business, gathered through technology like Capture, Forms Automation, and Business Process Automation. These systems are created to scan and collect data from documents and images using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), removing tedious work from employees and saving valuable time. From there, the data can be automatically routed to your core systems, and your rocket will have what it needs to power your total automated solution.


03. Cloud

Secure | Accessible

Rather than being bogged down with hosting and monitoring all your own data, cloud technology gives you the option to store your information in a totally safe and reliable data center, which is scalable to your growth. By removing the need for in-house maintenance and security, it saves money and frees up your staff towards more valuable tasks. As your total automation solution takes off, you can look out of the window at the cloud and know that your data is always safe and accessible.


04. RPA

Digital Workforce | AI

Without proper guidance, your rocket has the potential to simply float through space. That’s where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in. RPA, a form of artificial intelligence, can take the fuel that has been gathered and deliver it to your core systems in the exact place it needs to go. It uses digital workers, or bots, to perform tasks that a human normally would, and can operate 24/7 to keep your organization on track even when you’re not there. As a scalable and intelligent technology, RPA can be programmed to accomplish almost any computer-based business task; it is the autopilot feature of our rocket and the key to true hyperautomation.

Mission Control

05. Mission Control

Implementation | Training | Support

The first step to a successful “launch” is to look at your existing systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or a health information system (HIS) to determine where we’ll connect with your existing data.

KeyMark is your mission control through implementation, training, and support. This means that we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your technology solution is installed correctly, your employees and IT staff are given all the information they need to succeed, and your questions, concerns, and calls for help are answered swiftly and effectively.


06. Reporting & Virtual Collaboration

Data | Analytics | Connectivity

Much like an antenna returning information to mission control, reporting allows your organization to get a full view of its operations, creating status updates on what’s working and what can be improved. Reporting can show you where bottlenecks are occurring so they can be eliminated, and your business can go back to operating at maximum efficiency.

In the same way, virtual collaboration is a tool that allows you to connect and work with customers in an all-new way. Utilizing real-time photo and video technology, virtual collaboration provides best-possible customer service in the fastest-possible time and enhances the overall quality of interaction between a company and its customers.

Automate & Prosper

Hopefully, you’ve been able to gain a better understanding of our technology offerings as they relate to a total automation solution. Each of these pieces of technology can stand on its own as valuable tools to your organization; they aren’t necessarily co-dependent. However, when combined with a holistic approach to automation, they can launch your organization into orbit as the most efficient and profitable version of itself. 

We're here to partner with you every step of the way.

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