Ways Government Can Maximize Tech Budgets

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Have you been thinking about next fiscal year’s budget?

If you’ve been considering an enterprise content management (ECM) solution or wondering how you can enhance your current ECM solution, now is a good time to start planning.

Here are six ways your government agency can leverage technology to not only solve your immediate challenges, but also address long-term goals to maximize your technology investment.

1. Transform Service Delivery with  Dynamic Case Management

With a dynamic case management solution, you can centralize document access and collaboration for case workers and eliminate redundant tasks, ultimately allowing staff to devote more time to people and less time to paperwork. With case management you can:

      • Replace xls files, Access databases, homegrown applications, and mainframes with quick and easy case management implementations
      • Increase ease of compliance for audits and regulatory compliance
      • Maintain stringent security regulations for sensitive information

2. Integrate Document Management with Your ERP

Chances are your agency already has core systems in place, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. A lot of time and money has been devoted to implement your core system. While they keep things running, they probably don’t meet all of your needs. By integrating with ECM, you can enhance your existing technology to boost efficiency.

3. Manage Your Policy and Procedure Administration with Onbase’s DKT Module

Making sure your employees have access to the most up-to-date company documents, policies or required materials can be a struggle, especially within a large organization. OnBase’s Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKT) module enables organizations to rapidly distribute required reading documents and media to their entire workforce, ensuring all employees have access to the most up‐to-date versions of required materials and that timelines for review and acknowledgement are enforced.

4. Automate Your Meetings With an Agenda and Minutes Solution

In an administrative world, ruled by Roberts Rules of Order, you can’t take a chance of not following proper parliamentary procedures. With an agenda and minutes solution, you can avoid problems when dealing with public meetings and public record keeping by automating the entire meeting process. Digital distribution of meeting documents eliminates wasting endless reams of paper, and the system allows you to control who has access to what documents.

5. Speed Construction Development Projects With Electronic Plan Review (ePlan)

The process of managing construction plan set submissions can often involve paper plan sets that are large and require multiple copies, making the plan review process time consuming and difficult to manage. With an electronic plan review solution, the ePlan submission, review, and certification process is automated – speeding up community development and infrastructure initiatives.

6. Self-Service Kiosk for Streamlining Constituent Access

No one likes waiting in line, especially when all you need to do is drop off a document or check on the status of a case. Self-service kiosks with forms management software can augment your front-line counter staff by taking on the burden of simple paper-based or transactional tasks, so they can focus on more complex issues. Not only will it save you time, it will save your constituents time as well, ultimately turning a frustrating and dreadful interaction into a delightful customer experience.

How are you planning your technology for your next budget cycle? What opportunities do you see for technology, or what challenges do you see with budget approval?

If you want to learn more about Government ECM Solutions from KeyMark, including Agenda Management and Case Management, visit our Government Microsite or contact us.

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