Electronic Plan Review Software

Speed Up Your Development Projects with ePlan Review Software

Automate plan review for greater productivity and community development

The process of managing plan set submissions often involves paper plan sets that are large and require multiple copies, making the plan review process time consuming and difficult to manage. With KeyMark’s electronic plan review solution, or ePlan, you can speed up community development and infrastructure initiatives by improving staff collaboration and tracking plans throughout the review process. Our ePlan review solution allows planning and public works staff to import plans and supporting documents through a website portal. From there, plan sets and documents are automatically organized and routed to appropriate reviewers for approval. Reviewers use the ePlan solution to create comments, track changes, and see any and all changes that were made or need to occur within a side-by-side comparison tool. This single-screen view and real-time access to comments improves collaboration among reviewers. Once the review process is complete, the ePlan solution allows users to approve plans by applying a stamp, seal, and signature.

Electronic Plan Review Benefits

  • Submit plans electronically for faster review and approval
  • Collaborate in real time with automated comment tracking and reviews
  • Meet mandated deadlines while reducing paper across the enterprise

Bringing Paperless Plan Review to Reality

Paperless planning isn’t just about making internal processes more modern and efficient. It’s also an essential foundation for the next transformation: to community development activity that is truly a collaboration with local developers, businesses and citizens.