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Five Ways To Manage Your Policy and Procedure Administration with OnBase’s DKT Module

OnBase’s Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance Module



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Making sure your employees have access to the most up-to-date company documents, policies or required materials can be a struggle, especially within a large organization. And while OnBase by Hyland creates a central repository for all your documents, you need an efficient method to ensure your employees know how to access those documents when needed.

OnBase’s Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKT) module enables organizations to rapidly distribute required reading documents and media to their entire workforce, ensuring all employees have access to the most up‐to date versions of required materials and that timelines for review and acknowledgement are enforced.


The OnBase DKT Module allows organizations to:

  1. Rapidly distribute documents to the entire workforce, providing immediate, centralized access to required reading assignments
  2. Test employee comprehension of important procedures regarding safety, information systems and workplace conduct
  3. Easily audit reading status by accurately and automatically reporting and identifying delinquencies
  4. Enforce individual accountability by requiring employees to review policies, provide proof of acknowledgement and successfully complete assessments
  5. Minimize organizational risk by providing documented proof of distribution, user acknowledgement and test scores

The DKT Module is great for the following types of documents:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Harassment policies
  • Expense reporting guidelines
  • Program rules
  • New codes and ordinances
  • Policy memos

Are you currently using or considering using OnBase Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKT) module? If so, we’d love your feedback.

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