70 Manual Processes That Bots Can Do Better

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Robotic Process Automation is Here. Are You Ready?

RPA Use Cases

As organizations start identifying use cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), they often get stuck on where to start and need some RPA examples. The best advice we have is to start small: pick a process, or a small step in a larger process, that is highly manual and repetitive. We recommend finding a quick win to model the identification, planning, testing and implementation process before trying to automate a highly complex process.

Since many RPA bots can be prototyped and tested in a few hours, running a successful test is critical before deploying on a larger scale.

To get you thinking, bots are best at high-volume, low-value tasks like data look-ups, copying and pasting between spreadsheets, back office systems, public websites, web portals, legacy applications.

While bots can be leveraged across many industries with infinite possibilities, below is a list of robotic process automation examples we’ve identified just to get your wheels spinning.

Finance and Accounting:

  1. order fulfillment
  2. financial close
  3. submitting vendor invoices
  4. tracking payments
  5. vendor onboarding
  6. vendor portal inquiries
  7. funds transfer (sweep)
  8. customer onboarding
  9. incentive claims
  10. pricing comps
  11. sales and PO processing
  12. collections
  13. report aggregation
  14. journal postings

Human Resources:

  1. employment history verification
  2. onboarding
  3. offboarding
  4. payroll
  5. time and attendance management
  6. training and education
  7. compliance reporting
  8. employee data management
  9. tax management
  10. benefits and stock administration
  11. welcome packets


  1. installations
  2. server and application monitoring
  3. file and document monitoring
  4. FTP download/upload/backup
  5. user setup and configuration
  6. application integration
  7. data and content aggregation/migration
  8. ERP and other systems integrations
  9. batch processing
  10. synchronizing/deleting/emptying file folders


  1. claims processing and administration
  2. new business/underwriting
  3. policy maintenance
  4. compliance and risk management
  5. customer service

Transportation and Logistics:

  1. shipment scheduling and tracking
  2. load researching
  3. invoicing
  4. credit collections
  5. order and inventory tracking


  1. inventory management
  2. contract monitoring and enforcing
  3. supplier portal integration
  4. work order management
  5. order processing
  6. shipment scheduling and tracking
  7. invoice/quote/contract management
  8. refunds and returns
  9. freight management


  1. mortgage lending processes
  2. verification activities (like verification of income)
  3. customer onboarding
  4. compliance and risk management
  5. customer service
  6. anti-money laundering
  7. account opening
  8. accounts payable PO validation


  1. maintaining centralized medical records
  2. self registration
  3. handling admissions
  4. patient eligibility
  5. physician credentialing
  6. pharmacy inventory management
  7. patient communications
  8. integration between outdated systems that have no back-end integration methods.


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