What You May Have Missed at Horizons 2016

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We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for KeyMark’s annual Horizons conference this year. It was an educational, inspirational and entertaining two days in Greenville, South Carolina (#yeahTHATgreenville).

Nothing beats the experience of being at an event in person, but we’ve got great news. If you weren’t able to make it to Horizons 2016, have no fear—you can still catch up on some of the highlights our great lineup of experts had to share.

Be sure to check out the flickr photo gallery and our storify of tweets about Horizons 2016!

We need to give another big shout out to our sponsors! Horizons definitely wouldn’t be the successful event that it is without our sponsors – Kofax, OnBase by Hyland, Forms InMotion, IMR Digital, Kapow, Kodak Alaris, KOM Software and ShareBase by Hyland

Thank you to everyone that came out and made this even the best year yet. We are already working on plans for Horizons 2017 and promise that you won’t want to miss it! Be sure you get added to our mailing list so that you won’t miss out! We hope to see you at next year’s conference in Greenville, SC on May 10-11, 2017.

KeyMark Horizons 2016 Highlights

KeyMark Horizons 2016 consisted of two days packed full of expert speakers, industry specific training, demos, customer success stories, an ECM Technology Expo and an evening of great food, live music, corn hole and networking.

Day 1 – OnBase Training

This year’s event started out with a full day of OnBase training. Presenters included Amy Halperin and Leah Rice from KeyMark’s support team, as well as members of the KeyMark development team. The day focused on the latest tips and tricks for using OnBase, best practices for large-scale deployments, how to plan an OnBase upgrade and information about OnBase test systems. The learning opportunities continued as participants shared their experiences working with OnBase and even had the opportunity to stump KeyMark developers with difficult OnBase questions.


Day 1 – Evening Events

After a full day of training, it was time to relax! A highlight for many attendees was the ECM Expo held at the Cigar Warehouse in downtown Greenville. The evening featured drinks, food, music and even a corn hole tournament. With sponsor booths set up throughout the evening, attendees were able to learn about the latest enterprise content management technologies in an informal, fun environment.




However, for many the highlight of the evening was listening to performances by KeyMark’s house band, Kami Ocean & The Rhythm.


Not only were we celebrating what’s next for ECM, we were also honoring one of its pioneers, Miguel Zubizarreta. Miguel announced this spring that he was retiring as the CTO of Hyland this summer. He was scheduled to attend our ECM Expo and be our Keynote Speaker for Thursday afternoon, but he had cancel at the last minute. We have a separate post dedicated to his retirement with a video message from Jim Wanner, and more details on why Ed McQuiston is wearing KeyMark sweat pants.


Day 2 – Main Conference Sessions

The educational day of KeyMark Horizons featured a variety of presenters.

Kickoff and Updates

Our fearless leader, Jim Wanner, kicked off the morning with his words of wisdom aimed at technology and efficiency. Wanner explained that we are in the age of efficiency and told attendees that they are the supermen within their organizations and they possess the ability to make things happen and thrive. He also urged the crowd to look for ways to use technology to solve problems, while always remembering that information should be easy.


What Keeps Your CIO Up at Night?

An engaging discussion led by Ed McQuiston, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Hyland came next. McQuiston opened his session by complimenting KeyMark’s technical expertise, noting that KeyMark has served as one of Hyland’s top performing partners for many years. Next, McQuiston provided examples of how we as consumers expect customer service responses in seconds or minutes and how business processes have transformed through the use of technology (credit card applications are now applied and approved quickly online etc.). He further explained that quick information access has changed customer expectations and this is what keeps CIO’s up at night. McQuiston believes that CIO’s are now in the information management business, managing huge volumes and types of information−quickly and through various platforms. ­ OnBase helps solve the problem of managing information from different sites and processes and even provides the ability to deliver personalized experiences to users.


Case Management Customer Story

One of the highlights of our Horizons conference is listening to customers share their own ECM experiences. Erika Hines-McGee, systems application administrator with Allegheny County, Pennsylvania described how Allegheny County overhauled its kids holiday gift program project using case management with OnBase WorkView. The holiday gift program involves matching children with sponsors, making the holidays brighter for more than 4,000 children each year. A custom built application was used to manage the project until Allegheny County implemented OnBase Workview. According to Hines-McGee, Workview was easy for them to configure to their needs and specifications. In fact, they are now looking for opportunities to implement WorkView in other areas of the County.


Enterprise Forms Management

KeyMark’s Aaron Moller was up next. Moller introduced his session describing how PDFs are the new paper. He then described the way KeyMark’s Forms InMotion product combines the function of a PDF form or an e-form and easily distributes it to users. Moller covered Forms InMotion’s many other benefits including the advantages it offers to mobile workers and the way it field maps data across similar fields in a form package using form-to-form autofill.


Enterprise Solutions Customer Case Study

Mike Gager from Team Health in Knoxville, Tennessee discussed OnBase integrations in various departments of his organization, including accounts payable, human resources and legal. He described how they started with a narrow vision of how they would use OnBase, but now recognize hundreds of other processes and improvements where OnBase can help propel their business. Gager is a fan of Enterprising Licensing and urged attendees to evaluate the benefits of an enterprise strategy instead of the “buy-as-you-go” approach that often slows delivery and increases costs.


Mobile Capture and Document Classification Demo

KeyMark Solutions Analyst Manager, Ben Vaughan, provided a live demonstration of Kofax mobile capture and document classification. After giving some great examples of ways mobile technology is used, Vaughan demonstrated Kofax Mobile SDK, describing how KeyMark helps customers capture mobile data and documents. When Jim Wanner came onstage after Vaughn’s presentation, Wanner predicted that in five years mobile capture will exceed scanner capture, encouraging all KeyMark customers to consider Kofax Mobile Capture as a platform for innovation and differentiation.


Security, Privacy and Protection for OnBase with Kompliance

In his session, Kamel Shaath with Kom Software addressed data protection and security. Shaath explained how the Kompliance software integration works with OnBase, telling the audience that the best way to overcome ransomware is to change the rules and beat hackers and malware.


Discover the Hidden Gems of the OnBase Unity Client

Commenting that “Unity Rocks!” Coleen Alber with Hyland provided a powerful demonstration of OnBase’s Unity Client. Many powerful features were covered including Unity’s indexing tool, capturing functions, query searches, folder tabs, notes function, reporting dashboards and more. Alber’s demonstration was a great overview of explaining how Unity provides an integrated workflow experience.


Kofax Technology Updates

Dimitri Seneca Snowden with Kofax opened his session talking about how “opinions are good but data is much, much better.” Snowden provided an overview of the benefits of Kofax Kapow, an integration and automation platform that acquires, enhances and delivers information (especially from websites and web portals) into enterprise applications. Through his demonstrations, attendees learned how Kofax Kapow can be deployed to capture, classify and extract information. Kofax Kapow’s powerful analytics capabilities were also explored.


OnBase 16 + Sharebase

The final session focused on learning about OnBase 16’s new features. Many new beneficial new OnBase features were covered from intelligent classification to web client upgrades to workflow approval management. An overview of OnBase’s new product, Sharebase, was also demonstrated.

Time for Goodbyes

After two days of learning and connecting, Horizons 2016 came to an end, sending professionals back to their enterprises with new ideas, new contacts and new inspiration.


Oh Yeah, We Can’t Figure to Mention the Swag!

No event would be complete without some cool KeyMark brand swag.

All of our trainees received this great backpack from OnBase and KeyMark.


And we seize every moment to may a cool tee.  All of our ECM Expo attendees received this awesome tee presented by Kofax and OnBase that was hand drawn by our friend Chad Patterson, a local illustrator and typographer that lives right here in #yeahTHATgreenville.


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