Greenville’s Business Automation Conference is Over!

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Here are 5 things we learned...

1. The power of DEBRIEF

Insights opened with a pretty epic presentation by our keynote speaker, Marine F/A-18 fighter pilot instructor, and Top Gun graduate Patrick Houlahan. Beyond discussing his time as a pilot and at Top Gun school, Patrick shared leadership and teamwork principles gained throughout his military and business career.

In one example, Patrick shared a study on the effectiveness of single-pilot versus co-piloted aircraft, explaining how having another person in the cockpit exponentially improves results — or in his words, 1+1 is far greater than 2.

The way we look at it — regardless of how advanced machine learning and automation become, having skilled teams of people who complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses or who can transfer knowledge and expertise among each other is a valuable asset that often outpaces the lone wolves in the office.

Patrick Houlahan talks about the importance of debrief at Insights 2024.

Patrick also discussed the importance of debriefing and challenged attendees to utilize debriefs as more than postmortems that address the bad of a situation. A true debrief should be an opportunity to review, learn, and acknowledge the “goods” and the “others” in a project while identifying, establishing, and executing best practices for the future.

2. The simplest way to take hold of AI today

No one was invited to Insights to talk about ChatGPT. That’s because, despite all the hype around AI, there is still a lot you can’t do and a lot more that you shouldn’t do with AI. But while the future of AI in B2B is still being written, one major AI innovation is already available — Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

We queued readers of our pre-Insights blog that we planned to talk A LOT about IDP this year, and we certainly feel we fulfilled that promise.

IDP is the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to take advantage of AI for business. What’s more, it’s already being rapidly implemented in many of today’s capture solutions. What is IDP? Intelligent Document Processing combines AI technologies to capture and automate nearly every type of data, in nearly every source or format. Read all about it and why it matters in our latest report. (Read About IDP)

Get the scoop on IDP

Read all about intelligent document processing and why it matters for business in our latest report.

Intelligent Document Processing accelerates capture and minimizes time to value.

3. Your ECM or content services platform is more relevant than ever.

We’re accustomed to seeing software trends rise and fall through the hype cycle, and for decades Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like OnBase have lived at the end of that cycle in full-maturity. At this point, ECM is what we’d call a mission-critical system for organizations. In other words, if you aren’t already using an ECM system, you should put your interest in AI on hold until you’ve implemented this base-line technology.

But with AI’s future in mind, ECM is about to undergo a complete renaissance. First, ECM systems will transition to more modern and agile content service platforms. Second, the importance of organized, clean, and secure data managed in an ECM will reach a fever pitch in the face of language models and their growing popularity. 

4. What's next for OnBase?

Speaking of ECM and content services — rather than wait for CommunityLIVE!, which is slated for Q3, Hyland moved the release window for the latest version of OnBase forward. Product Evangelist Colleen Alber took attendees through the highs of OnBase 24.1, released in March.

OnBase 24.1 introduces some quality-of-life features, including more accessibility controls for audio and visual impairments. It also emphasizes mobile, app, and web client interfaces to keep the content services platform fresh and modern, specifically as a new generation of users enters the workforce.

Colleen Alber reviews updates to OnBase 24.1.

Two features we’re particularly excited about are the added features to OnBase’s PDF viewer introduced in 23.1 and some improvements for admins. OnBase 24.1 enables users to manage PDFs with tools to search, annotate, create links, bookmark sections, provide notes, and view thumbnails. Admins can now view the history of items at the object level in the web-based admin portal.

For more key updates introduced in OnBase 24.1, view the release notes or visit your Hyland Community page to find a detailed breakdown of new features. 

As a reminder, upgrading your OnBase software ensures you’re receiving the latest product offerings and bug fixes. While upgrading can sometimes be a hassle or even overwhelming, KeyMark is in your corner. Contact us or ask your account representative about an upgrade.

5. The future of artificial intelligence isn’t large language models...

Large language models have two big problems — they’re not secure for your company data, and they’re too large. Organizations that put sensitive data into systems like ChatGPT run the risk of data exposure, compliance violations, and expensive fines. Furthermore, the answers you’re looking for on ChatGPT to make business decisions are plagued by the vast amount of information and misinformation that these large language models are trained on. In the words of Insights and mAIn Event speaker Anthony Macciola, “garbage in will equal garbage out.”

So how do you take advantage of AI’s ability to search large volumes of data and extract information across a network of clean, quality content? We’re predicting a future of Corporate Language Models.

Corporate language models will run on the same algorithms as large language models but will be trained internally and exclusively on company data to minimize hallucinations and faulty information. Businesses that have their data organized, secure, and ready to integrate will thrive in a future of corporate language models, once more intensifying the necessity of a content service platform’s centralized data repository

Until next time!

That’s a wrap! Our sincerest gratitude goes to all who joined us at this year’s event, but if you missed out on the action, no worries. There are many more opportunities to get together and chat about process automation software and its ability to increase enterprise value. Check-in with our events page or visit us during any of our upcoming webinars. See you at Insights 2025!

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