5 Things to Expect at Insights 2024

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What to expect at Insights?

We’re officially one week away from Insights 2024, KeyMark’s biggest get-together of the year. For those not in the know, Insights is our annual automation conference, bringing together peers and professionals to discuss the future of business powered by process automation.

If you’re already signed up, we’re excited to have you! If you’re not, check out this guide and consider joining the conversation by registering for Insights 2024, April 30 – May 2, at Zen in Greenville, SC.

In either case, here are five things you can expect at this year’s conference.

1. High Flying Inspo: Keynote and Leadership Workshop from a Top Gun Pilot

We promise not to overdo it with aviation puns. Still, we are really excited to take off on our 2024 Insights journey with an opening keynote address from Top Gun Pilot Patrick Houlahan. Patrick will join us for the day to share some lessons learned as a Top Gun Pilot that are applicable to the world of business. Later in the afternoon, Patrick will sit down with guests to run a workshop on the foundations of leadership.

2. What’s Next in AI?

A lot has changed since Insights 2023, particularly regarding artificial intelligence and its impacts on modern process automation software. But to talk about the future of AI, we first need to address the past. Special guest and Haystac co-founder Anthony Macciola will share a presentation on the development of AI software from his unique perspective of nearly 40 years in the capture market. Anthony will discuss data in all its forms and how AI can completely disrupt data captured in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources.

We’ve been fortunate to have Anthony chat with us on The Orange Chair Podcast in a three-part series on Artificial Intelligence. Get a sneak peek of the conference wherever you listen to podcasts!

3. What’s the Power in Partnership?

There are a whole lot of ways you can buy or obtain automation software in 2024, and we’ve written an extensive series on the value of a value-added reseller. One benefit that a partnership provides is access to opportunities for education and get-togethers where you can discuss your highways and roadblocks in person. Opportunities like Insights.

Apart from events, partners help you map projects ahead of time, achieve efficient implementation, and experience ROI in weeks — not months or years. 

We’re big believers in partnerships, as the biggest successes we’ve seen in almost three decades of supporting projects have hinged on the quality of a strong relationship. At Insights, we’ll be exploring in greater detail the personalized support, specialized expertise, and all the extra goodies you can come to expect when you’ve got someone in your corner.

4. What’s New at Hyland?

Speaking of education, Insights 2024 will be joined by Hyland’s technology evangelist, Colleen Alber, to talk about new and upcoming features for Hyland’s flagship content services platform, OnBase. Together, we’ll explore the future of Enterprise Content Management and Content Services and discuss today’s available tools, some common OnBase elements frequently underutilized, and more.

5. The ROI of AI

One of the most exciting new developments in artificial intelligence is the changes to capture technology, specifically in the form of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). That’s a huge topic, and as a heads-up, you will be hearing A LOT about IDP at Insights 2024. 

With any new or rising software comes the need to discuss how to utilize it best to maximize ROI while avoiding expensive pitfalls and project failure. Luckily, that’s the kind of conversation Insights was originally intended for. KeyMark, Hyland, and you will explore the applications of IDP in today’s processes, where it can be applied for immediate gains, the departments and processes best fit for transformation, and what to do with the new waves of data IDP unlocks.

This is a conversation you really don’t want to miss.

Prepare for Take-off

In addition to these big topics, Insights will offer panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities for networking, with plenty of time to spare for some good old-fashioned fun. Be sure to join us following the conference for our Hanger Hullabaloo, where we’ll have food, drinks, and an opportunity to earn your wings!

What's next?

Be sure to complete your registration for Insights 2024 and indicate whether you’d like to partake in the complimentary recertification training for OnBase. Finally, if you’re hungry for more conversations regarding the current and coming wave of artificial intelligence, please take special notice of mAIn Event, an AI summit scheduled immediately following Insights. mAIn Event will take you deeper into the world of AI specifically as it applies to B2B, and it’s a can’t-miss for business leaders wondering what the future might hold for businesses fueled by AI.

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