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Major themes and takeaways from our annual process automation conference, Insights.

Insights 2023 Major Themes and Three Takeaways

Insights 2023 Recap: Major Themes and Three Takeaways What a ride! We’re three weeks removed from our annual Insights 2023 automation conference and only just coming down from the frenzy that accompanies hosting a bustling in-person outing. While Insights is a carefully planned event, there always remains a touch of

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Start your supply chain and logistics digital transformation with these cost reduction tips.

Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction Strategies

Supply chain and logistics lies at the epicenter of our globalized lives, and unless a second dark age is in the cards, that won’t change. Even still, the industry and its major players, including cargo movers, owners, and regulators, stares down similar problems felt in industries nationwide. Do these major

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Learn what to expect at Insights 2023!

What to Expect at Insights 2023

What to Expect at Insights 2023 KeyMark’s annual automation conference — INSIGHTS —  is just around the corner, scheduled for April 25 – 27 at the Peace Center Huguenot Mill. Insights will bring together a growing cast of business leaders, decision-makers, automation gurus, and the hungry or curious for several

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KeyMark receives an NPS score of 84!

What’s an NPS Score and Why Are We Freaking Out?

What’s an NPS Score and Why Are We Freaking Out? KeyMark just tallied our survey responses from the past year, and the results are in — KeyMark earned an 84 NPS score. Boom. Woah. We know, right? Okay, let’s slow our roll, as they say. You might wonder, “What on

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Why Partner with KeyMark over Alternative Options?

KeyMark or Straight from the Source?

Why Partner with KeyMark: A Blog Series Primer Why partner with KeyMark over other resellers?  Why partner with any reseller, for that matter?  Why partner with KeyMark over building a custom solution? This blog series will address these important questions and more, providing evidence and resources along the way to

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Your ERP can benefit from ECM.

How Does ECM Elevate Your Existing ERP

“Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Content Management. This I tell ya brother, you can’t have one without the other.” Frank Sinatra if he worked in automation Tweet ERP systems are central hubs for managing and planning an organization’s transactional processes and the resources used therein, i.e., Money, Assets, and People.

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Happy New Year from Team KeyMark. Find automation trends in this blog.

Automation Trends for a Happy New Year

A Year in Review 2022 saw the growth of automation stars like Hyperautomation, Process Mining, and Low Code technology — and while those capabilities will continue to reign in business process automation, changes in the economy and throughout industries will drive new and old strategies that maximize the effectiveness and

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Keep your finances healthy in 2023

4 Ways to Wield Automation for a Financially Healthy Future

Four Ways to Wield Automation for a Happy and Healthy Future The end of each year is packed with travel, opportunities to see family, hugs, kisses, handshakes, and holiday parties. And with all that holiday cheer comes the many recommendations by medical professionals and common sense alike to keep your

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WorkView Relational Content

Find the Spreadsheet with WorkView

Find the Spreadsheet Have you ever built out an Excel or Google spreadsheet to keep yourself and your data organized? Whether you’re sorting long lists, color-coding data tables, or creating cells with simple/complex functions, spreadsheets offer lots of ways that neatly organize your data on the fly. Because of this,

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enterprise document management software provider

What is an enterprise license and is it right for you?

OnBase is a highly customizable platform that can be built to the specific needs and size of your organization. However, because pricing depends on how many people need access to OnBase and what features they’ll utilize — you won’t find pricing for OnBase on the Hyland website. Typically, we recommend

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CommunityLIVE with white text

CommunityLIVE 2022 — Top Three Takeaways

CommunityLIVE 2022 — Top Three Takeaways Thanks to all who joined KeyMark, Hyland, the many other vendors, and of course, The Barenaked Ladies at CommunityLIVE 2022! It’s always a joy to connect more intimately with our customers and grow in a shared understanding of Hyland’s many capabilities. Much was covered

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