9 Things You May Not Know About OnBase

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Every day thousands of organizations across the globe use OnBase to manage their content. You may even be using it in your organization. But are you maximizing the full potential of OnBase across your organization?

Check out this list below to see how OnBase affordably scales to meet your needs, whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific case, specific departments or your entire enterprise.

  1. OnBase does far more than scan, store, and retrieve.
  2. OnBase integrates with Microsoft Outlook allowing you to easily view, edit, and store all files across your enterprise.
  3. OnBase simplifies complex processes that are done manually or managed in Microsoft Excel, Access, Sharepoint, etc.
  4. OnBase brings order to chaos with case management solutions that provide relationships to structured/unstructured data.
  5. OnBase manages all of your tasks to ensure everything keeps moving within your processes.
  6. OnBase workflow automates manual processes outside of your current line-of-business applications.
  7. OnBase integrates without custom code to (almost) every other line-of-business or core system.
  8. OnBase provides a rapid application development platform with a graphical designer as an alternative to custom application development.
  9. OnBase is best when leveraged across all departments to address all of the issues in #1-8.

Have you found great ways to use OnBase that you want to share with others?  If so, leave us a comment and let us know what we should add to our list.

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