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May 23, 2016

5 Reasons Insurance Companies Should Consider Switching from ImageRight to OnBase

OnBase for Insurance


Lauren Humphrey

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Today’s insurance organizations need an enterprise content management (ECM) system that can keep up with their evolving complexity and desire to continually streamline processes for employees, agents, and customers.

Many organizations are finding that existing systems no longer meet their needs and they are re-evaluating their current solution. Many organizations have turned to KeyMark’s ImageRight services team to help them support their current solution while we establish a long-term migration plan. If your organization is evaluating options, consider these five reasons why OnBase may make more sense for your organization:

1. OnBase provides a complete enterprise content management solution.

Imageright To OnBase ConversionOnBase is truly an enterprise-driven solution that can cover all aspects of your organization, including new business processing, claims processing, agency management, loss control, and field solutions. Because of OnBase’s visionary approach to solving ECM challenges, the solution was listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Gartner takes into account a company’s current product offering, strategic approach to ECM, as well as their product roadmap vision.

2. OnBase delivers a steady stream of innovation for insurance customers.

Insurance organizations are being pulled in every direction in ever increasing speeds. Customers expect faster response times on claims, agents want complete information at their fingertips, and employees need to be able to work more efficiently. Nearly 500 insurance-focused organizations use OnBase, and the majority of all OnBase product enhancements come directly from their customers. OnBase is supported by an independent insurance industry user group of more than 800 members that formally and regularly provide feedback and best practices to continually improve the product. Their product roadmap is focused on helping your organization evolve with the changing needs of customers, agents, and employees.

3. Customers using OnBase are achieving measurable competitive advantages.

OnBase is helping insurance companies drive innovation and modernization across the enterprise. Our customers are realizing tangible benefits, such as claims processing time savings, improved service levels for agents and customers, and in many cases, multi-million dollar cost savings. For example, KeyMark’s customer Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia improved turnaround time for new business from 30 days to 15-20 days and endorsements (policy changes) are down from 15 to 5-7 days.

4. OnBase easily integrates with your other line-of-business systems.

You’ve invested a lot in your other core business systems so it’s important to find an ECM solution that helps you make the most of them. An OnBase solution from KeyMark essentially “bolts-on” to your current line-of-business system. When ECM tools are used in conjunction with a core system, the end result is improved operations, costs, and customer service. OnBase customers have integrated ECM into more than 500 unique applications (mostly without custom coding), including Accenture Duck Creek, Guidewire ClaimCenter, Stingray System, SAP, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

5. KeyMark is focused on delivering superior customer service and industry-leading support.

Our philosophy has been and always will be that an existing customer is the best customer. We understand that business challenges evolve over time, and you need to change with them. With our award-winning Support team to our experienced Professional Services team, KeyMark strives to become not just a vendor but a true partner and consultant for all your ECM needs.

How could you improve your processes with better enterprise content management from KeyMark and OnBase?

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