Three Big Takeaways from Insights 2022

Insights 2022 Recap and Major Takeaways


Alex Lipinski

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The Three Big Takeaways from Insights 2022

KeyMark’s annual Insights conferences are chock-full of insights into the yearly landscape of the automation industry — and this year’s conference was certainly no exception. Insights 2022 brought together business leaders, software developers, subject matter experts, and hungry innovators for three days of sharing all things automation. 

If you missed out on the fun, have no fear — Insights will return next year! Until then, we’ve put together the three biggest takeaways revealed at Insights to keep you up-to-date and in the know of what makes a more efficient enterprise.

#3 — “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail.”

Technology and cultural norms are fueling rapid change in every industry. Available workforces are shrinking or shifting to more flexible remote/hybrid opportunities, while customer expectations are expanding toward highly responsive, Amazon-tier service levels.

Planning for the future starts by taking a hard look at your existing systems to ensure you’re maximizing your investment. Are there unused capabilities that would help your organization adapt to higher customer demands on your business? If you own OnBase, maybe that’s Workview or an integration to another system that you’ve always meant to explore, but never found the time. Or, maybe it means investigating how RPA could save enormous amounts of time on tasks that don’t add value/drain employee’s productivity.

As an automation partner, we can help you take a look at how you’re using the systems you have in place and offer suggestions for optimizing those tools to work harder for you, and keep you competitive in your industry.

#2 — Don’t look at just one problem. Take a step back and see the bigger picture.

This piece of advice came from the exclusive Executive’s Roundtable meeting. If you’re experiencing a problem with a particular process, there could be a deeper underlying issue. The ability to spot hidden problems or costs is one of the great benefits of Process Mining technology — but there is still something incredibly valuable about having a team of knowledgable professionals in your corner to provide a big picture assessment.

Automation partnerships come with more than packaged and sold solutions. KeyMark assesses our partners’ operations at little or no cost and offers optimization strategies backed by industry knowledge. If there’s a best-fit solution that we don’t support, we’ll find you someone that does. If that sounds like a fair agreement, we’d love to get in touch.

#1 — What You Don’t Know Could Be Costing You

Process & Task Mining is really important because it saves you resources in places you otherwise wouldn’t know you could be saving. KeyMark CEO Jim Wanner breaks down the difference in his article How Process & Task Mining Benefits Business of All Size.

In his words:

Process Mining is a top-view look at your end-to-end processes. Process Mining analyzes process performance, spots bottlenecks, and highlights processes ripe for automation.

Task Mining is a magnified view of a single stage in the process lifecycle. Task Mining looks at every sub-step and task performed at a set stage, recording execution, measuring effectiveness, and creating suggestions for improvements.

What does that all mean? Process & Task Mining can uncover time-intensive or costly hang-ups hiding in plain view of your business process ecosystem and suggest ways to improve. These are groundbreaking and disruptive technologies that optimize process performance further than ever before and strengthen your bottom line.

Stay tuned for Insights 2023 next year and join in the automation collaboration!

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