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The Basics of Hyland ECM

Hyland ECM


Joey Barrett

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New Levels of Productivity and Efficiency

Hyland ECM, or Enterprise Content Management, is a system that organizes, categorizes, and oversees the entirety of an organization’s information across it’s lifecycle. Sometimes referred to as document or records management, it’s goal is to reduce risk, improve productivity, and increase customer service capability by making information easy and accessible. The Hyland ECM platform is called OnBase

The ideal ECM solution encompasses all of the platform’s capabilities and strengths. It should simultaneously reduce clutter while increasing data and process visibility and accessibility, ultimately saving time and significantly lowering costs.

The Hyland ECM solution will help you:

  • Archive information quickly and access it quickly from wherever you are and whenever you need it
  • Eliminate paperwork and make whatever records-keeping you were doing with paper far easier
  • Organize and structure your organization’s information in a way that makes it easy examine, providing context and transparency into processes

What You Can Do with Hyland ECM

A centralized ECM solution as part of an information management solution can:

  • Facilitate audits and track compliance
  • Track every action taken regarding information, whether user- or system-originated
  • Deal with different document versions
  • Integrate with core business apps
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Speed up business processes
  • Limit paper usage
  • Provide access to content for viewing, editing, or collaboration wherever it is needed, including offline and via mobile devices

To learn more about Hyland ECM and what your organization can do with this kind of solution, just give us a call. With over two decades as a Hyland partner and reseller, our experts are ready to help.


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