New Hyland Subscription Model

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On Friday, October 1st, Hyland Software is moving to a subscription or SaaS-only pricing model, no longer selling perpetual licenses. The change comes in an effort to create a more modern pricing model that better aligns with customers’ solutions.  

In addition to a more modern pricing approach, the transition also creates the best path forward for product enhancements and capability. As the changes go into effect, KeyMark and Hyland are here to answer your questions. 

Customers who currently use a subscription or SaaS model will not be affected by the new policy. Customers who are currently on a perpetual licensing model will not be required to move to a SaaS model. — However, all new software purchases beginning on October 1, 2021 will be subscription licenses rather than perpetual plus maintenance. Because of this, we do encourage you to use this time to evaluate the benefits of transitioning all your existing licensing to a subscription model and to reach out to your account managers to learn more.  

We appreciate your partnership and are committed to the success of your organization during this transition. As questions arise, please contact your account manager who will be happy to answer them and work to find the best option for you going forward. We will continue working to help you do what you love and automate the rest!  

Here are a few answers to questions you may already have: 

Why the change?  
Subscription licensing models are rapidly becoming the norm. With a cloud-first approach, Hyland can better support customers and more effectively and efficiently roll-out platform upgrades and service offerings. 

Does this affect me?  
This affects all customers who have perpetual licenses.  

Will I be forced to move to subscription pricing if I am currently on the legacy perpetual licensing model?  
No, a move to the SaaS or subscription pricing is not required. You can remain on your legacy perpetual licensing model if you prefer. Customers who remain on the perpetual licensing model would add any new software as a subscription. KeyMark is here to discuss a transition to SaaS or subscription to determine if there is additional value gained by switching. 

Will Hyland continue to offer perpetual licenses? 
No. After Thursday, September 30, 2021 Hyland will only offer subscription-based options. 

Can I order products on a perpetual license prior to Thursday, September 30, 2021?  
Yes, however, SaaS or subscription licenses are preferred.  

Can I have a hybrid system of my main perpetual licenses and add-on subscription licensing?  
Yes. Contact your KeyMark account manager to find out more. 

Can I have on-premises licensing and purchase SaaS licensing going forward?  
No. OnBase licenses cannot be split. However, if you have purchased another product line, they may have different licensing. For example, a customer can own OnBase in a SaaS deployment and AnyDoc on-premise.  

Will a customer have to recognize the subscription expense differently?
No. Today, a customer pays maintenance via an operating expense which is the same category of which subscription fees are accounted against.  

Will KeyMark continue to handle my invoicing?  
Yes, if we currently handle your invoicing KeyMark will continue to do so.  

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