Infographic: 4 Ways AP Automation Maximizes the Value of your ERP

Maximixe your ERP

An ERP is too expensive not to get the most bang for your buck – especially when it comes to the accounts payable process. If you have any manual, paper-based processes in your finance department to get data off paper and into your ERP, you’re leaving money on the table. This infographic will explain how […]

Infographic: 5 ways poor visibility impacts financial shared services

Financial Shared Services

Poor visibility into financial shared services operations isn’t only detrimental to the back office department, but to the organization as a whole. You could be missing out on early payment discounts, being charged excessive late payment penalties or suffering from inaccurate reporting to your C-suite. Check out our infographic on the 5 ways poor visibility […]

When AI Gets It Wrong: Bias in AI Decisions

Even if you’ve never asked Siri to set a reminder or told Alexa to play a movie, artificial intelligence (AI) is still part of your world. That’s because AI and machine learning that can understand us and make decisions are playing an increasingly larger role in our lives. Today, AI appears in everything from medicine […]