Laying the Groundwork of the Metaverse

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Laying the Groundwork of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is one of the latest buzzwords to hit the mainstream. Every tech blog and news channel has an article explaining what the Metaverse was, is, or will be. So in the interest of time, here’s what you need to know:

The Metaverse is the marrying of state-of-the-art hardware and software like VR, AR, XR, AI, 5G networks, Haptics, etc., to produce a second virtual world where people can work, play, buy, sell, explore and socialize. Think Wonderland or Stranger Things’ Upside Down, but entirely accessible from a phone, headset, or computer and without the presence of mortal danger.

For your business, the Metaverse could mean a stronger connection to your customers through shared virtual spaces and conversational chatbots, more immersive remote meetings with virtual avatars present in physical spaces, new advertisement opportunities, and so much more.

More Than Just Semantics

That all sounds great, but before we can unlock the sci-fi benefits of the Metaverse for businesses — technology and the people using it will need to achieve an even greater level of collaboration and communication. And that could take time. 

So what happens in the meantime? Fortunately, RPA leaders like UiPath are already experimenting with Semantic Automation to improve common understandings between humans and AI by creating bots that rely on conversational programming instead of complex code or keywords. Semantic Automation will pave the way for the lifelike chatbots that will populate the Metaverse and greatly enhance customer experiences. You can read about Semantic Automation as a rising trend in our blog — 4 Automation Terms You’ll be Hearing in 2022. 

What Will Happen to Process Automation?

Process Automation is an example of why the Metaverse could be very successful. Effective collaboration between systems, AI, and people is the crowning glory of Hyperautomation and has been occurring throughout business process automation for almost a decade. In the same way that the Metaverse will combine many facets of modern technology, Hyperautomation has brought together AI, machine learning, RPA, process mining, virtual collaboration, and human verification into one holistic solution.

The human/AI relationships achieved by Hyperautomation yield immense benefits to both businesses and customers, and are the building blocks of what the Metaverse will be. As it stands, you won’t find a virtual representation of your boss in your living room with just a Hyperautomation solution. But you will improve enterprise efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing inaccuracies and costs. And the best part? It’s all possible today.

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