4 Automation Terms You’ll be Hearing in 2022

2022 Automation Trends


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4 Automation Terms You’ll be Hearing in 2022

Last year brought the continued rapid growth of technologies like Robotic Process Automation and collaborative Cloud capabilities. But with 2021 well under our belts and a new year ahead, it’s time to start talking about the automation buzzwords that you’ll likely be hearing a lot of in 2022. So, here are four automation terms to familiarize yourself with that we think will become significant trends this year.

Low Code Technology and Citizen Developers

“The barrier to become a technology producer is falling due to low-code and no-code development tools,” Gartner VP Rajesh Kandaswamy.

Low Code RPA isn’t anything new, but as businesses continue to realize the pitfalls of their manual, outdated processes — particularly in the face of hybrid and geographically spread workforces — those that adopt RPA, as a result, will be looking for Low Code tech.

Low Code is a term applied to any technology that doesn’t require coding expertise or a degree in computer science to create. For example, in the RPA space, Low Code software enables the creation of RPA bots to automate mundane tasks with simple drag and drop programming features. Workers empowered by Low Code software become “Citizen Developers”, capable of addressing their own automation concerns with easy-to-use RPA. In fact, leading research firm Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by citizen developers.

For easy-to-use Low Code RPA software, check out UiPath on our partner page.

Semantic Automation

“We’re laying the groundwork for semantic automation,” UiPath CEO Daniel Dines.

Further enhancing the capabilities of RPA bots, Semantic Automation bridges the gap between workers and worker bots. Semantic Automation helps RPA bots to think more as humans do by equipping them with greater intuition for tasks such as document understanding (ex. Identifying the difference between an invoice or a receipt) or using industry-specific implicit knowledge.

Semantic Automation will speed the creation of new RPA bots, enabling them to perform with greater accuracy and less human intervention.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology has rapidly grown in many industries outside its initial cryptocurrency roots. Empowered by Smart Contract technology, Blockchain improves business transactions while simultaneously increasing security and efficiency. 

A Smart Contract is a sequence of programmed events that, when triggered, can automatically execute a transaction, report transaction status to all members on the Blockchain ledger, and route follow-up action to the right people. In other words, through Smart Contracts, Blockchain is empowered by automated workflow.

If that sounds like a helpful solution, we’ve got good news for you. Automated workflows don’t stop at third-party transactions. OnBase by Hyland is an all-in-one enterprise information platform that can automate workflow for any part of your day-to-day processes. Enhance your overall productivity by collecting essential data in one secure location and automatically route necessary information to the next user.

Process Mining 

Automating processes with RPA is an excellent first step to improving efficiency and cutting costs, but your savings potential will eventually plateau if you aren’t automating the right processes. Process mining is a remedy that relies on intelligent software to observe processes across multiple systems and identify, monitor, and improve bottlenecks with the best automation software for the job. The process mining tool will then continue to monitor systems beyond its initial analysis to ensure all automations are up-to-date and running as intended.

The effectiveness of process mining takes a step further when used to power Hyperautomation — a holistic approach to automating every facet of your organization. Hyperautomation wields cutting-edge tools like data capture, workflow, business process outsourcing, in addition to process mining and RPA, to launch businesses years ahead. Learn more about the power of Hyperautomation in our eBook!

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