KeyMark and Hyland: 20 Years of Partnership

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In 1999, KeyMark and Hyland began a partnership that has spanned two decades, and it’s hard to believe just how much these two companies have accomplished since then. As a reseller of Hyland’s OnBase platform, KeyMark has earned an award as a top partner every year since 2000, including 10 straight years of being named a Diamond Support Award and Platinum Partner Award winner.

Underneath the business success, most importantly, lies a relationship built on shared values and friendships. When asked about company values, Ed McQuiston, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Hyland, said:

“Much like Hyland, KeyMark has always prioritized getting the very best people it can regardless of role … Lots of companies can hire good people and train them, but KeyMark then blends that with a value system that prioritizes an employee centric company culture that is rooted in family values. The company fosters an environment of friendship and fun that enables them to retain great people for decades, with many at the company having been there 15-20 years.”

Britt Burnett, Director of Support at KeyMark, is one of those employees who has been seen the partnership from the start. His favorite memories provide a glimpse at personal side of the relationship, beyond the business.

“Some of my favorite memories of working with Hyland are of early training classes when KeyMark first started working with them in 1999 … I was fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) to have been in the first or second workflow class led by Packy Hyland. There was no agenda; Packy took naps on the floor after lunch and invited us to do the same; Ken Malone took notes so they’d have an agenda for the next class; and the exam was to create a simulated baseball game using workflow …” said Burnett. “After hours, Packy would take trainees on a hell ride in his boat on Lake Erie and most were happy to make it back to dry land alive and without injury. You just don’t get that same experience these days, so memories of the early days stand out above the rest.”

With shared values and friendships at the core, KeyMark and Hyland have been able to navigate an ever-changing technology landscape by pushing each other towards growth. Furthermore, each company’s commitment to customer success has helped create incredibly powerful intelligent automation solutions, crafted for each organization they work with.

“Our partnership and the solutions we offer customers continue to evolve year in and year out. KeyMark is one of our partners that pushes us and holds us accountable to continuous innovation” said McQuiston. “I look forward not only to the successes we will have together commercially, but to the continued conversations on how to leverage the accelerating evolution of technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics and more to extend Hyland’s leadership position for our content services platform.”

The holidays are a great time to reflect on things to be thankful for, and at KeyMark, it’s easy to look back and be thankful for 20 great years as a Hyland partner. As we look ahead to 2020 and beyond, it’s safe to say we, and Hyland, are as excited as ever:

“KeyMark and Hyland have enjoyed an amazing and successful partnership for 20 years, and consider ourselves friends as well as colleagues,” said McQuiston. “We are proud to be associated with KeyMark and we look forward to the next 20 years! “

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