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Insights 2023 Recap: Major Themes and Three Takeaways

What a ride! We’re three weeks removed from our annual Insights 2023 automation conference and only just coming down from the frenzy that accompanies hosting a bustling in-person outing. While Insights is a carefully planned event, there always remains a touch of spontaneity as each new conference takes on its own theme to correspond with current times. This year, the name of the game was optimization.

Insights 2023 begged the question — how can we wield what we have or what’s readily available to achieve more with less? With that question in mind, take a look at three significant takeaways that came out of some Insights 2023 panels and conversations.

1. Capitalize on Available Education Sources

KeyMark’s own Zach Hance and Rick Stuckey discussed strategies to help business/end-users adapt to changes introduced by new software or software updates. Among recommendations like prototyping, documenting, and relaying ROI — the dynamic duo stressed the importance of utilizing available education tools from a variety of sources, including:

2. Maximize Your ROI

KeyMark’s pair of Bens (Ben Beeman & Ben Vaughan ) reviewed the dream of automation — utilizing technology to maximize time, talent, capital, and other resources. But in times of scarcity, getting that dream started can be a daunting task. So when is it the right time to begin?

If you’re struggling to make that distinction and identify the right processes to automate or map your future automation strategy — we can help. AI-powered process mining tools and 
KeyMark’s free or low-cost assessments are viable strategies to analyze your entire suite of business processes and identify low-hanging fruit or underperforming areas perfect for automation/optimization.

3. Be Curious and Outcome-driven.

In the Q&A session, our expert panel talked about the importance of curating success through curiosity, and a key measure of curiosity is the ability to ask questions. To get you started asking the right questions, here’s a handful to consider on your own:
  • How does your organization or agency size up process pain points?
  • How does scarcity factor into decisions on automation? 
  • What are your desired outcomes or picture-perfect scenarios for automation software?

In addition to emphasizing curiosity, there was a lot of chatter on the importance of establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) to guide and provide knowledge transfers of your automation journey to the rest of the team. CoE’s are a bit underutilized, as was evident by the small handful of people familiar with the term. That said, we’ve got plenty of information on CoEs locked and loaded to help explain what they are, what they’re good for, and how to set one up. Check out our buzzword buster blog, What is a Center of Excellence, to learn more.


Be Seeing You!

Believe it or not, but the wheels are already turning for Insights 2024! We hope you’ll join us next year for another exciting opportunity to discuss the power of automation in downtown Greenville. Until then, be on the lookout for more ways to educate and explore your options for process optimization, including Hyland’s upcoming conference, CommunityLIVE, scheduled this October in Vegas.
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