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The Hyland Cloud is a world-class hosting platform for OnBase and Hyland’s other content services offerings. It is privately managed by a team of in-house experts and leverages cutting-edge technologies and security-driven policies. This platform gives organizations full functionality of OnBase, but rather than being hosted on-premise, it resides in a cloud deployment option. For over 14 years, the Hyland Cloud has safely stored information of more than 800 companies with over 4.3 billion documents; it is a tested and sophisticated solution.  

Why should you consider hosting OnBase in the cloud, rather than on-premise? Here are some key points:

Lower Your Total Cost of Management

Rather than a large up-front fee, the Hyland Cloud can operate on a subscription plan with minimal capital expense, creating a more flexible financial approach to an OnBase solution. Moreover, operational costs like staffing, overtime maintenance and physical security measures are greatly reduced. Finally, your employees are freed to continue with value-added work rather than spending time with things like upgrades or support.

Increased Service Levels

The Hyland Cloud is a win-win OnBase platform, because even while reducing your cost of management, you actually receive more service! When OnBase is hosted in the Hyland Cloud, it provides the full functionality of the software as the on-premises version. Along with that, a large majority of responsibility is handed over to the provider. From overall governance and security to 24/7 support, the Hyland Cloud Services team works exclusively to support the platform, taking the pressure off your IT team.


Regularly audited and certified data centers from Canada to New Zealand provide private cloud space with comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols for Hyland Cloud users. The highest security standards are held, and over 60 Cloud Services professionals are devoted to tasks like disaster recovery, service level agreement commitments, and ongoing security testing. For organizations with even the toughest security standards and SLA requirements, the Hyland Cloud is a viable and trusted solution that removes the burden of in-house maintenance and protected storage.

Hyland has been the leader in cloud solutions since 2004, and its cloud solution platform continues to push boundaries and lead the pack in online content management services. With full OnBase functionality, less burden, lowered overall cost and more, the Hyland Cloud can be the perfect platform for your organization’s solutions.   

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