Business Form Challenges and Solutions: Even with Electronic Forms, Many Obstacles Still Exist

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Business Form Challenges and Solutions: Even with Electronic Forms, Many Obstacles Still Exist

Every business in every industry uses various types of business forms to collect important data. Forms are used to handle both internal processes and external processes, from simple employee expense reports to complicated insurance enrollments.

Regardless of the complexity of the process, forms enable participants to submit data in an organized, accurate way in order to begin a specific business process. Despite the growing popularity of electronic forms, paper-based forms still exist. Paper forms may be lost in transit, difficult to read when handwriting is illegible, slow to manually route around an office or mail from location to location, tedious to process, costly to print and expensive to store. With electronic forms, capturing data can be simpler and more accurate.

Depending on the technology, data from electronic forms can be immediately available to designated users, routed for action and set to trigger certain processes automatically. Yet even as many businesses have made the shift to electronic forms, challenges still exist. These include ensuring that customers and employees have the latest versions of ever-changing forms, not having a way for employees to upload data from forms completed on portable devices, or not knowing how to process related images and documents. 

This report looks at how forms are used in today’s business climate, some of the challenges of using forms and some considerations in improving forms processes.

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