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UiPath named Leader in RPA by Gartner


Clay Tuten

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In today’s business landscape, automation plays a crucial role in driving success and fostering innovation.

RPA Leader UiPath

To assist in selecting the best automation platform, Gartner® offers valuable guidance in their 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) report, where they assess the leading players in the RPA domain.

UiPath has earned the distinction of being recognized as a Leader in the RPA Magic Quadrant™ for the fifth time. So why are we posting about it? We’re glad you asked.

KeyMark has distinguished itself by aligning its business objectives with best-of-breed products, delivering exceptional integration and support for enterprise automation. Partnering with UiPath, a leading RPA solutions provider, KeyMark offers tailored solutions for critical sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and insurance. With extensive expertise and focus in these industries, KeyMark brings a wealth of experience to every customer engagement.

While RPA can address specific automation challenges, KeyMark goes beyond traditional approaches to provide a holistic approach we call hyperautomation. By combining the power of RPA with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other automation technologies, KeyMark delivers a comprehensive solution. UiPath’s robust capabilities seamlessly integrate with diverse tech stacks, and their prebuilt solutions ensure rapid ROI without overstretching budgets.

As a UiPath partner, KeyMark provides more than just access to a superior product; it offers the added value of a true partnership. With UiPath’s prominence in the RPA market, KeyMark ensures that clients’ needs are prioritized, steering them towards long-term success in their automation journey.

All too often we’ve seen RPA implementations fall short due to poor planning — resulting in customers that fail to ever realize the full potential of their solution. Our goal is always to work with you to identify the best processes to automate. This doesn’t always mean the most obvious, rather, we focus on what brings the most ROI in the shortest amount of time.

As UiPath continues to lead the RPA space, KeyMark is well-positioned to help you reboot. Whether you’re just not seeing the results you’ve been expecting, or are new to the technology and want a YOU-focused parter — we’re ready to help. Reach out today!

About Gartner

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a research methodology utilized by Gartner Inc., a prominent technology research and advisory firm, to evaluate technology markets and vendor positioning. It provides a graphical representation that categorizes vendors into four quadrants based on their “Completeness of Vision” and “Ability to Execute.” The “Completeness of Vision” axis assesses a vendor’s strategic understanding and innovative ideas, while the “Ability to Execute” axis evaluates their capacity to deliver on promises and meet customer expectations. Vendors in the “Leaders” quadrant exhibit both a strong vision and effective execution, making them market trendsetters. “Challengers” possess good execution but may lack a complete vision, while “Visionaries” demonstrate innovative ideas but need improvement in execution. “Niche Players” have a limited scope of offerings. This analysis aids organizations in understanding the competitive landscape and making informed technology decisions.

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